FW: [Board] Agenda for the ACB Board of Directors Meeting on February 20 at 11:00PM EST

Debbie Hazelton <dhazelton@...>

Good morning Everyone,



2021 ACB

DC Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Broadcast on ACB Radio Mainstream


Alexa, open ACB Radio Mainstream.

Listen by phone:

518 906-1820.



11:00AM EST – 5:00PM EST

1.     Call to Order: Dan Spoone, President

2.     Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Katie Frederick substituting for Denise Colley, Secretary

3.     Review and Approval of Agenda: Dan Spoone, President

4.     Review and Approval of Minutes: October 13 (2021 Convention Decision) Deb Cook Lewis, November 14 (Fall) Kim Charlson and November 23 and December 2 (Budget) Ray Campbell substituting for Denise Colley, Secretary

5.     Mission Moment: Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges

ACB Radio Affiliate Convention Team: Debbie, Rick, Deb, Tyson, Jeff, Jason and Katie and Countless volunteers behind the scenes broadcasting, editing, creating podcasts and being Zoom hosts

6.     Consent Agenda: Dan Spoone

A.     2020 Financial Statements: Nancy Becker

B.     Braille Forum Editor’s Report – Nutshell: Sharon Lovering

C.     2020 Development Report: Tony Stephens and Jo Lynn Bailey Page

D.    Website and Social Media Report: Kelly Gasque

E.     Membership Services Report: Cindy Hollis

F.      Audio Description Reports: Joel Snyder and Fred Brack

7.     President’s Report: Dan Spoone

A.     WBU Quadrennial Plus One virtual meeting hosted by Spain: Kim Charlson

B.     ACB Program Steering Committees implement L10 meeting format

C.     Board member donations for convention auction

D.    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training: Jane Dunhamn

E.     Sexual Harassment Prevention and Cultural Education training: Rosalee McNamara



8.     Staff Reports

A.     Executive Director’s Report: Eric Bridges

1.     Move to Groups.IO for eMail lists

2.     Contract with Lathrop GPM to provide Human Resources (HR) consulting and training

3.     ACB Job Posting Updates

4.     Rollout of EOS Employee Performance Evaluation Methodology

5.     Other updates

B.   Advocacy Update: Clark Rachfal

1.     Accessible mail in voting

2.     DOT Air Carrier Accessibility Act: Final rule for Service Animals

3.     Other updates

C.   Website and Social Media Updates: Kelly Gasque

1.     Restream tool for live videos

2.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis for ACB websites

3.     Other updates



D.   Resource Development: Tony Stephens

Year End Holiday Fundraising Campaign

1.     Get Up and Get Moving Campaign

2.     Communications plan implementation

3.     Other updates

E.    Foundation Grants: Jo Lynn Bailey Page

F.    Member Services: Cindy Hollis

1.     Community Events update and metrics

2.     Approach to develop At Large Membership

3.     Other updates

G.   Chief Financial Officer: Nancy Becker

1.     Blair Trust Distribution

2.     AMMS Update – Two fields added for Gender Identity and Race/Ethnicity

9.     Financial Narrative for 2020: David Trott, ACB Treasurer

10.   Proposed Changes to ACB Board of Directors Policies: Jeff Bishop

A.     Allow virtual participation at Fall Board Meeting

B.     Increase Board stipend for Board travel, hotel and other expenses

11.   Review and Approval of the Community Events Policy and Guidelines: Cindy Hollis, Community Services Coordinator

12.   ACB Radio Update: Debbie Hazelton, Program Director, and Rick Morin, Technical Director

A.     Updates from ACB Radio team

B.     Review and Approval of ACB Radio policy and guidelines

13.   Board of Publications (BOP) Report: Penny Reeder, BOP Director

14.   Convention Update for Virtual (2021), Omaha (2022 and Schaumburg (2023) Conventions: Janet Dickelman, Convention Committee Chair

15.   Voting Task Force Report: Pat Sheehan, Committee Chair

16.   Officer and Board Committee Updates

17.   Executive Session

18.   Adjourn