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The hotel description is pasted below and attached.



American Council of the Blind

Union Station Hotel



Hotel Description


When facing the hotel, Union Station is located on the south side of Market Street, which runs in front of the hotel. To the left (east) is 18th Street and to the right (west) is 20th Street. 

***All stairs inside the hotel will have mats at the top of each stairway; please use caution when traveling around the hotel, there are several sets of stairs throughout the building.


As you enter the front doors of the hotel, you will be on the mezzanine level.  You can either go straight ahead to the first floor or up the stairs to the second floor. 

To go to the first floor, walk carefully straight ahead about 10 feet, down 20 steps and through the foyer which comes out between Midway 5 and 6.  On this floor are the Midway meeting rooms 1 to 10, the exhibit hall, Grand Ballrooms A through F and Regency Ballrooms A, B and C.

From the entry, there are stairways on the left or right leading up to the second floor to the Grand Hall. 

From the main entrance, you can turn left; go through a door to the small elevator which will take you to the 2nd floor. You will be at the far-left side of the Grand Hall; there are restrooms on your left. 

On the second floor will be the hotel registration desk, some hotel rooms, the Station Grill and a hallway leading to meeting rooms.

Once in the Grand Hall, there is a lobby/ lounge with tables and chairs and a 100-foot bar across the back of the room.  On the right is the Hotel registration desk and belle stations, to the left is the Market with Starbucks coffee, food items and a gift shop which opens at 6 am.

Past the Market are the Fitness Center, ATM and the Clock Tower elevator.  The clock tower elevator from the lobby level goes up to hotel rooms and down to Midway Suites meeting rooms.  There are also guest rooms on floors 3 and 4 in this area. 

The ATM is past the Market on the left-hand side and is a wall unit.  There are stairs here which lead you to the first floor.  To go down to the first floor, go through the glass doors on your right, turn left, walk down the first set of steps to the landing, then right to go down the second set of stairs. 

*Hotel Registration area

Off to the right of the hotel registration desk is an elevator to the Head House Rooms that will go up to the 5th floor.  Each area of the hotel has its own set of key cards to enter the area.

If you turn left at the front registration desk and walk about 15 feet you will come to a crossroad.  If you walk straight ahead, it will take you to the hotel rooms, to the left is the Grand Hall and to the right is the restaurant and some meeting rooms. 


*To the restaurant and meeting rooms

At the crossroad near the hotel registration desk, if you turn right and go down the hallway about 25 steps, there will be men’s and women’s restrooms on your right. If you continue a couple steps further, there will be a small bar and then the restaurant “Station Grill” will be on your right. 

If you continue down the hallway, you will come to carpeting; turn right and you will be in Atrium A.  If you go straight ahead, you will reach Knickerbocker.  To the left of Knickerbocker will be Jeffersonian, a piano in the hall and then there will be a couple of steps leading up to Colorado Eagle and Texas Special meeting rooms.  There will also be an elevator to your left going down to the first floor.  

If you continue down the hall, on the right you will find Wabash Cannonball room, men’s restroom, Burlington Route (communications center), Frisco and Missouri Pacific meeting rooms.

On the left side of the hall is Meteor, Dixie Flyer, Zephyr Rocket (ACB information desk), Midnight Special, the ladies room, New York Central and Illinois Central Room where ACB Registration is located. The meeting rooms in this area are in a square and just past Meteor, is the hallway leading back to the restaurant.

There is an elevator and stairs located between Meteor and Colorado Eagle meeting rooms which will take you down to the mezzanine level (Atrium area) where the floor tiles have lights beneath them.  If you choose to take the stairway down to the mezzanine level, it has several shallow steps and landings; so, use caution if you choose to go down this way.  The Station Master room and the Conductor room will be behind you. The Switchman room is on the right, then continuing to the left is the outside door, the Red Cap room and the men’s restroom, a drinking fountain and then the women’s restrooms. 


*To go to hotel rooms

After registering, turn left to go down the hallway to the Garden Side Rooms. Please notice that when you are in the main part of Union Station you will be on Floor 2, but when you walk across the bridge to the hotel rooms, you are now on the 3rd floor. 

Halfway down this walkway to the hotel rooms are steps on the right which will lead you to the exhibit area, the Midway Suites meeting rooms and the ballrooms. There will be textured mats here; turn right to go down the staircase and you will have a landing halfway down the steps.  Midway Suites 1 through 4 are in to the right of the stairs.  Midway Suites 5 through 10 are behind the stairs.

If you continue past the stairs, you will come to a set of glass doors leading to the hotel room area.  You MUST use your room card to open the glass doors and then the elevators will be on your left.  There are six floors of rooms and you can go from floor to floor without using a key.

On floors 2 through 6, there are hotel rooms on both the left and the right sides of the hall. When exiting the elevators on the first floor, a left turn will take you to the smoking area and the outdoor swimming area; a right turn will take you to the exhibit area, meeting rooms and the guide dog relief area.


*To Grand and Regency Ballroom

The Exhibit area is across the atrium and is on the left; this is where the trains used to come into the train station.  In the exhibit hall, to the right are three steps up to the outside and a guide dog relief area.

If you continue straight ahead, there are 3 steps up with a ramp to the right to go to the Grand and Regency Ballroom area. Near the end of this hall to the left are steps up to an emergency exit, to the right is the Depot office (volunteer desk) and just past the volunteer desk will be the elevator with steps going down on both sides taking you to Foyer A with Grand Ballroom A, B & C to the left and Regency A, B and C on the right.

Past Grand Ballroom C and to the left is Grand Ballroom D, E and F where general sessions are being held.  If you continue past the Grand Ballroom, there is another guide dog relief area where you will need to go up steps to get to the outside.

ACB Café will be in Foyer B, which is past Regency B and to the right.

Marketplace will be in the hall outside Grand Ballroom D, E, and F.


*Midway 1 to 10 from the exhibit hall

If you are coming from the Atrium, to the exhibit area, you will turn left; go past the exhibits to find Midway 1 through 10 meeting rooms.

On the other side of the exhibit hall, but before you reach Midway 1 to 10, on the right is the outside smoking area and swimming pool.  Past the pool to the right are Landry’s and the Hard Rock Café. To get to these restaurants you will be walking on a wooden walkway going around the small lake.  There is an ankle high edge along the walkway; however, please use caution when walking.  In this area from 5 pm to midnight, on the hour, there will be a water show.


*Hotel tours

       The tour pickup is outside the exhibit Hall.  As you leave the mezzanine level (Atrium area with the glass block floor) walk towards the exhibit hall, to the right are three steps up to the outside, exit the building and wait for the tour guide, who will confirm attendees.  The busses will be located about 75 yards outside the doors.



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