Seeking Blind, Low Vision Professionals to help lanuch Seattle-Based Start Up


I was asked to forward this announcement.
Here is what I am currently looking for:
A Seattle based technology start up, as part of its founding purpose, is
looking to add blind, low vision, legally blind partners.

The company is founded by Mark DeFlorio, a legally blind accessibility
entrepreneur. Our products will be to the primary benefit of blind and low
vision individuals, with a special focus on universal appeal.
We are seeking passionate, dedicated, adaptive, and creative thinkers to
bring theirskills to our flagship product's development.

About the Product
The product we're developing is a mobile application built to easily solve
common problems faced by blind and low vision individuals. The product will
have its basic function, but will intentionally have tremendous scalability,
adapting to meet changing needs of both low vision users, users with other
disabilities, and the non-disabled community.
At its core, the product will be a multi - sensory information platform,,
enabling blind and low vision people to more quickly access and understand
printed and posted text.
The application will be accessible on all platforms.

Join Our Team of Innovators
At this time, we're looking for professionals with the following skills:
1. Experience in engineering and developing a mobile application.
2. Experience in targeted marketing, multi - channel, bringing product to

Specific mobile app requirements:
. Skill, technical knowledge, and creative thinking to adapt images and
plain text into other formats.
. JSON formatting knowledge to make sure entered content goes where we want
it to go.
. Create a -defined format structure

Specific marketing requirements:
. Experience building and executing marketing plans, introducing the product
to target market.
. Experience with converting target market into users of our product
. Ability to capture, understand, and relate our product to other markets
. Adept at social media marketing, networking

Upon signing an NDA, more information is available to interested
professionals. Telecommuting is of course an option.

On a personal note, the power of this new company will come from the fact
that it was founded by blind people. It is compelling, passion-driven, and
purposeful. Blind people solving the problems of blind people, love it!

Any questions, or if interested, please contact me directly. Look forward
to making people's lives better with you!

Mark DeFlorio

Ardis Bazyn
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