RSVA virtual convention details



It is time to register for the 2020 convention. This year the convention will be held virtually but you will still want to register. Want to win door prizes, receive the conference program in the format of your choice, read the daily newspaper, and participate in live events?

The programming will be available via ACB Radio, ACB Link, Zoom, and other platforms, so register for the ACB on the path to our future. Registration opened on May 21st for ACB members and May 28th for nonmembers. Registration closes at 11:59 PM eastern time on June 21st.

To register online visit or call (612) 332-3242 and select option 5 for convention. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible if you leave your name, telephone number and time zone.

RSVA® is planning some virtual convention activities. Official business must be held in person so elections and other official matters will be put on hold until the 2021 convention in Phoenix.

The RSVA® Conference registration is $40, and your name will be placed into a drawing happening on Friday July 10. For every additional $20 donation, another drawing ticket will be placed into the drawing. To make additional donations to qualify for additional tickets, contact Ardis Bazyn at 818-238-9321 or email rsva@... to give the best phone number for a call-back for your credit card information.

On Saturday, July 4, RSVA® will hold four different sessions on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend during these times.

The first session will be held 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM: “Building business and personal relationships in a changing world”. The speaker will be Mark Richert, ACB First Vice President, Arlington, VA followed by Questions from the audience. With his style of humor, Mark will share his experiences in several nonprofit organizations and some positive outcomes due to his ever expanding business and professional relationships.

The second session will be held 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM: “A Legal Update on RS vendor cases”. Speakers will be Chris Prentice, ACB Visually Impaired Attorneys, Austin, TX and Jeff Thom, RSVA® Advocate/former attorney, Sacramento, CA followed by comments and questions. This session is Co-sponsored with ACB Visually Impaired Attorneys. You will learn about the most recent happenings in the ever-changing legal landscape of cases involving Randolph-Sheppard vendors.

The third session will be held 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM. Part 1 will consist of a panel on “The impact of Covid19 on Randolph-Sheppard vendors”. Part 2 will highlight “Another alternative- Three Square Market” with speaker: Kurk Johnson, Vice President of Sales, River Falls, WI.

The fourth session will be held 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM. Part 1 will focus on “Tips and tricks on vending”. The moderator will be Scott Eggen, SVS Vending, Lino Lakes, MN. Vendors can send questions in advance and receive answers. Part 2 will answer the question “Randolph-Sheppard Program- what is it?” RSVA® board members will field questions about how to become a vendor and what managing a facility requires: time, skills, etc. Please send any questions you’d like answered to rsva@....

Many other activities and programs are also available to those registering for the conference. When you register, you’ll see all the available activities.

For ACB convention questions, contact Janet either via phone (651) 428-5059 or email

janet.dickelman@.... To register online visit or call (612) 332-3242 and select option 5 for convention.

To join RSVA go to or contact:

Ardis Bazyn RSVA Public Relations


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