[rsva-board] quick questionnaire on speech systems and browsers

Myles Tamashiro

1. boice over apple  2. safari  3. safari   4. fire fox

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Hello all,
        I’m gathering information for a company who provides accessible software. Your answers to the following questions would assist them in making their products accessible to the most blind or visually impaired persons. You can simply reply to me with your answers. Thanks much.
1.       Which speech system do you use (if you use multiple ones, list them all and state which one you use most.)
2. Which browser do you use (If more than one, list them)
3. Which combination of speech and browser works best for you?
4. Are their browsers which do not work well for you?
Thanks for taking the time to respond. You are helping make progress in the area of accessibility. If you’d rather answer by phone, leave a message with your responses at 818-238-9321.
Ardis Bazyn 
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