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For those who know Mitch Pomerantz:

Here’s a note Donna posted on the leadership list yesterday:

A big thank you to everyone for your love, prayers and support, it means the world and I have been sharing with Mitch emails, voice messages and text messages that have come in from everywhere, Thank you!


The best gift for valentine's day was that Mitch was transferred to a regular room at Kaiser Sunset in Los Angeles. Another wonderful surprise was right after we received the news of the transfer, Mitch received a wonderful bunch of very festive, colorful "get well" balloons with messages of "feel better" "get well" and so many happy faces, thank you RSVA-Sagebrush for that very festive special gift wishing Mitch to get well soon!

Mitch is speaking, his voice is getting stronger as time passes. He did not have use of his right side, but that is coming back as he worked with a pt and and ot. Right now things take more effort than he is happy with, but all these things are great signs, yes, I'll even put it down in writing, yes, even his grumpiness and impatience because it takes more effort to do some of the things that were previously done with minimal thought and effort.

He was able to do a wash down with wash cloths and he felt much better after that. He has surprised the medical staff with his humor, smile, and has struggled with some of the others who didn't have much humor.

For Valentine's Day I bought him a box of Milk Chocolate King Size Hershey bars...We shared one today with mom, dad and my sis Debbie so all 5 of us had a good sweet tooth satisfier.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, the best gift, your love and genuine concern for Mitch. Today he is spending the day on a State Rehab. Blind Advisory Committee conference call. He is pretty tired now and am sure will crash shortly after it is done.


God is so good, the power of all your prayers, love and good thoughts...this time last week we did not know if he would come back to us, what a huge change in a week.

I'm sure the next email that goes out will be directly from him dictated to me, smile. He's already sent one of those out to his Blind Advisory Committee.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Keep those prayers, love and good thoughts coming and a huge thank you for reaching out!




On Feb 13, 2019, at 11:26 PM, Donna Pomerantz via leadership <leadership@...> wrote:

Mitch had emergency surgery very early Friday morning to remove a subdural hematoma. I called 911 when I could not get him to wake up. 


When Mitch came out of the surgery, he was unresponsive.


Now, it was time to wait and see what the body was going to decide to do.


I apologize that it has been too long since my first email but I will say Mitch is so blessed to have so much prayers, love and good thoughts coming his way from all of you. All of those prayers are the best gift that can be given to us. Everyone who is praying, God is hearing all those prayers so keep on praying, non stop! So many all over the world are praying, what a beautiful strength and show of God's love! Thank you! We still face a great deal of uncertainty as progress is slow but steady.


Mitch always says that ACB is family for many years and still continues to be so thank you for your love during this very uncertain time.


On Sunday night Mitch began to listen to conversations and nod yes or no to answer questions.


He was still on the ventilator and pretty week heavily sedated.


On Monday morning we listened to sports talk shows, morning wake up, and finally, the second time I asked him he decided he was ready to listen to ACB's Good Energy Mix hosted by Debbie Hazelton. Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and all other medical professionals known to human kind were entering in and out and asking questions and I was asking questions of all of them as well while Debbie's show was on. I sent her a text letting her know we were listening. It was good because she was talking about stories that Mitch and I shared with her and Mitch found her voice soothing. During that time the nurse came in and wanted him to respond to commands and he squeezed my hand, wiggled his toes etc. It was great to share that moment with Deb during her show.


On Tuesday we were told that we would be transferred to Kaiser Sunset as that is our home hospital.


We received the call yesterday, Tuesday, that they would let us know when they had a free bed and we'd be on our way. I spoke with his neurosurgeon, as well as his nurse practitioners who were all part of Mitch's surgery. The neurosurgeon told me that he was going to advise that once Mitch was advised and stable, they should begin moving toward leaving the ventilator. That was great news!


So many medical professionals coming and going with so much communication back and fourth. There are so many more details in between...and Wednesday, Feb. 13 we were hoping would really be the big day! We received the word that his RT would be turning down the ventalator to begin the weening process as he was already down to only using 30 percent oxygen from the machine! We were so excited...more details to share at a later date. Well, the Dr. and RT said they were ready to take out the tube and we'd see how things went. They took out the tube and put an oxygen mask on Mitch and said if he did well on that for 30 mins. they would take that off and give the oxygen through the nostrils with the two prongs...the much smaller one. He kept letting us know it was more than 30 mins. He was asked to say his name and he did. He is now using the two pronged through the nostrils oxygen and his voice is very low but he is speaking, and the Dr. asked him if he needed anything and he said "HUNGRY!

" Good sign for sure but still much more of our journey to take forward together.


Thank you to each of you who have reached out via voicemessage, text or email, Mitch will hear each and everyone of your messages! Thank you and I'll share more later as there are still many Dr.'s and Providers coming and going.

We have some strong uncertainty facing us. Our prayer is that things will continue to progress slow but steady moving forward. Mitch needs to come back to us completely so that he can continue to keep helping the many people he does as well as all the work he does making things better on a global scale!

Please keep praying very strong prayers and sending all your love and good thoughts.




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