IVIE virtual convention details



by Carla Hayes


During these times of CoronaVirus quarantine, you are doubtless receiving your share of home deliveries groceries, meals and items from Amazon.  If you want, you can also receive a very special delivery right to your home from the Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs, (IVIE), on July 7, 2020! Read on to find out more!


Even though we will not be having a live, in-person ACB Convention this year, one thing that hasn't changed is that Tuesday will still be IVIE Day.  We have planned two timely and informative seminars for Tuesday July 7th.  Our first one,  "The CoronaVirus Conundrum: Strategies For Keeping Your Business Open When You Are told to keep it Closed," will take place from 1:30 to 2:45 PM.  Entrepreneurs will conduct an open discussion about how they are dealing with the hardships brought about by the CoronaVirus Pandemic.  They will share strategies, resources, and coping techniques that can help business owners to get through this and future national emergencies.  Come and share your experiences and exchange ideas and encouragement with fellow business owners.  Perhaps you are now unemployed due to the business layoffs and closures due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic and you are thinking about starting your own business for this or another reason.  If so, plan to join us from 3:00 to 4:15 for our second workshop, "Entrepreneur          ship: Questions And Answers," This will be an open discussion in which business owners who are blind or visually impaired answer participants' questions about business ownership and what it takes to be an entrepreneur; It will be moderated by IVIE President, Ardis Bazyn from Burbank, California and co-sponsored with American Council of Blind Students.  Come and find out if entrepreneurship is for you!


If you would like to find out more about IVIE or pay your $15 annual dues which are due by July 1st, please visit IVIE's website:  ivie-acb.org. Meanwhile, don't forget to arrange for your special delivery from IVIE by registering for the ACB Virtual Convention and signing up for IVIE's two workshops on Tuesday, July 7th.  We'll meet you in cyberspace!


Ardis Bazyn

"Making the Impossible Possible