Get a Max 2.0 Kiosk, Get a Rebate towards more Parlevel hardware


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Subject: Get a Max 2.0 Kiosk, Get a Rebate towards more Parlevel hardware


Get $700 Off Your Next Hardware Order

When you get a Max Kiosk you get a $700 rebate to use towards any other hardware purchase that Parlevel has to offer. Such as...

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Another Max 2.0 Kiosk


Parlevel’s Micro Market Max is powered by a 21″ touchscreen set in a durable, acrylic kiosk that won’t rust or warp. Backed by a fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, cashless payment acceptor (swipe and NFC), built-in webcam and optional RFID reader, our kiosk gives you the tools to maximize sales, maintain dependable performance, and speed up your Micro Market service efficiency.

Micro Market Mini Kiosks


Perfect for locations of 125 people or less, Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional kiosks cannot. With a 10.1" touchscreen, cashless reader, barcode scanner, and a front-facing security camera you can replace your vending machines with a market setup to increase location profitability.

Parlevel Pay Plus Devices


Parlevel Pay Plus uses a future-proof 4G cashless vending solution that will be the standard for years to come. With access to multiple cellular networks, we’ll help you choose the provider that works best in your area.

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