FreeStyle Libra, Could Be a Game Changer


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Good Afternoon to All:
I have been a longstanding FreeStyle Freedom/Lite blood
glucose meter user. Also, I have had an off-and-on, hot and cold, relationship
with Abbott Diabetes Care assisting them in prototyping accessible bgm
It has very recently become public that Abbott has submitted new technology to
FDA which could be a game changer for blind people with diabetes, well anybody
for that matter. The new FreeStyle meter is called the Libra. Similar to
meters like Dexcom, it works with an external device that communicates via
infrared to the meter. Unique to this FreeStyle though is the fact that no
finger stick calibration is necessary. The patch that sends blood glucose
information to the meter can be worn for up to 14 days. With no lancets, no
strips, no finger sticking, this could be huge for the blind community.
Price point for the meter is somewhere between $50-$80.
I will let you know additional details as they become available.
All the best,
Christopher Gray, Executive Director
Missouri Council of the Blind

Ardis Bazyn
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