ACB convention news for the 2020 convention


Hello everyone,


Based on recommendations by the convention steering committee I have what I hope will be great news for all of you.

The information is pasted below.


As always call (651) 428-5059 or email me


with any questions.



All committees and affiliates will be provided at no charge with a microphone package including a wired microphone, a wireless microphone and an  assisted listening device. This  does not apply to small meeting rooms set conference style that do not require microphones.



All affiliate and committee sessions will be recorded at no charge based on availability of equipment.

Sessions eligible for continuing education credits will receive first priority.


tickets: Sessions held by committees that do not include food will no longer be ticketed events. We also encourage affiliates to consider not charging for sessions that do not include food.  This change is being made due to the long hours required by staff to print, package and disseminate tickets.



To cover microphone costs and since there will now be many more complimentary sessions there will be a slight increase in registration charges.

Pre-registration will increase from $15.00 to $25.00, on-site registration will increase from $25.00 to $35.00.

Ardis Bazyn

Make the Impossible Possible"

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Buying gifts? Large print 2020 daily calendar planners, thumb drives with or without books, and large multipocketed tote bags available online or by phone (818-238-9321)- no mailing fees.