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The RSVA® Mini BEP Training Conference is now being held virtually Wednesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 21, 2021 with a special RS Vendor check-in call on Tuesday night. All times are Eastern time.



October 19-21, 2021


Tuesday, October 19, 2021


8 pm:

Meet and greet with a SURPRISE guest!


Wednesday, October 20, 2021


2 PM:

Welcome and introductions

Scott Eggen, RSVA® President


2:05 PM

“How to present to legislators and others about the Randolph-Sheppard Program”

Part I: “Getting advocates involved in Reaching Legislators and others”

Wes Fisher (VA), Director, Federal and State Affairs, National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)


2:30 PM:

Part II: “Telling Your Story”

Jerry Saldana (MN), Minnesota vendor

Donna Seliger (IA), Long-time IA advocate

Jeff Thom (CA), CCB Governmental Affairs Director

Advocates will share Examples of telling your own story to lawmakers.


2:55 PM:



3 PM:



3:15 PM:

“The importance of Necessary  Business Insurance”

Ryan Petrie (NY), Independent Insurance Broker

This session will explain the need for the following: Product liability, Employee Nonowner Driver vehicle Insurance (ENOD), and Workmen's Compensation. It will also mention the benefits of an Umbrella policy and when to Bond Employees.


3:40 PM:



3:45 PM:

“When to Use a Broker or get a 401K policy or Self-Employed (SEP) insurance plan?”

Mark L. Simon (CA), LUTCF, Diversified Benefits Insurance Services


4:10 PM



4:15 PM:

“Navigating the Trends in Employee Compensation”

Malena Otero (CA), Strategic HR Alliance


This session will focus on managing increasing wages and other compensation and how to adapt to trends in the industry: Minimum wage, Implementing Benefits: Holiday Pay and Sick Leave, and Flexible Hours.


4:50 PM



Thursday, October 21, 2021



“Why NAYAX Is A Better Solution?”

Harry Kozlovsky, Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax





2:45 PM:

“Why not use Temp Agencies?”

Tania Marler (FL), Business Development Manager, Graham Inc.

Participants will learn why using temp agencies might help when facilities are short-staffed.


3 PM:



3:05 PM:



3:20 PM:

“RSA June circular- What does it Mean?”

Jesse Hartle (DC), Rehabilitation Services Administration


3:50 PM:



4 PM:

“HR Compliance: Steps in Hiring and Firing Staff”

Malena Otero (CA), Strategic HR Alliance

This session will focus on Applications, interviews, employee handbook and expectations, and knowing how and when to fire an employee.


4:25 PM:



4:30 PM:

“Discovering new products and services to enhance your sales”

Scott Schwingler, Vistar; Robinson representative also Invited.

This session will highlight advantages of adding new types of products and services    as well as new food  products.


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This conference will be streamed on ACB radio. Registrants will be able to participate on Zoom, are eligible for door prizes, and will receive recordings within two weeks of the conference.


If you have questions, contact Scott Eggen, RSVA President, at 218-329-1179 or Ardis Bazyn, 1st Vice President, at 818-238-9321.


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