Mitch Pomerantz update


From Donna:

Hello to everyone!

Apologies that so much time has passed since my last email about Mitch's progress. We have physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy coming several times a week along with medical appointments so many things have been happening.

We are both so thankful for all of your prayers and good thoughts sent our way! We really appreciate all the good wishes. Please continue sending them our way as we keep moving forward through this time.

Mitch has been making tremendous progress and is doing very well recuperating here at home. He is so happy not to be using the walker anymore and his strength is improving each day. As Mitch says he believes he is at 80 percent. He has regained his ability to read his Braille and is remembering the commands on the computer as well. He is accessing email and using his Braille Sense.

Mitch participated by phone on the ACB Board call last Saturday and stayed for the entire call. He is working on listening to his body and taking breaks when necessary between work tasks and what he calls the annoying exercises he needs to do in between all the physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions.

Thank you to "The ACB Team" for sending the wonderful get well gift to Mitch, and yes, RSVA, he did receive your other gift to help us out with some of the things we needed to do when dealing with the back and forth while Mitch was in the hospital.

Patience is something that is a struggle for Mitch during this time because he is not at his full 100 percent, however, I am pleased that he is really trying and working on listening to his body and slowing down or taking breaks when necessary.

In closing, we received a good report from the Neurosurgeon this past Friday. He was pleased that the latest ct scan shows that his body is naturally absorbing the remainder of fluid in the brain so that is a fantastic report. If all continues on this path, when we see the neurosurgeon on the 29th, we will be able to go on our previously planned vacation in April which will be relaxing, and that is what Mitch needs, smile.

Again, thank you so much everyone who has reached out in so many ways...thank you for lifting us up during this very critical time. This is truly phenomenal, miraculous to put it mildly!

We look forward to seeing many of you in Rochester this summer. Three weeks ago I wasn't sure.


Donna Pomerantz
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