Use Aira for free for your Holiday shopping


As RSVA members, you are automatically ACB members. See great news below.

We’re writing to share some exciting news from our friends at Aira.


We’re excited to announce a special shopping opportunity exclusively for ACB members who are Aira Explorers. Aira is offering ACB members 120 minutes of free Aira service for any tasks related to shopping, valid from the Friday following Thanksgiving, November 23, 2018, (Black Friday) through to Christmas, December 25, 2018.


How can I take advantage of this offer?

  1. Be both an ACB member and an Aira Explorer.
  2. Connect with an Aira agent and ask them to add “ACB Member” to your profile.
  3. Go shopping with Aira! Make sure you tell the agent that you’re an ACB Member and that you’re using the ACB Shopping Promotion.


ACB affiliates should reach out to their members to explain how the offer works, and to ensure members know to update their Aira profiles to reflect their ACB membership.


Get ready to make the most of your shopping this holiday season with Aira! Remember, as an ACB Member you’re getting 120 minutes of free Aira service, valid from Black Friday through to Christmas. Just make sure an Aira agent adds “ACB Member” to your profile!



Eric Bridges

Executive Director


Ardis Bazyn RSVA 2nd Vice President

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