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1. To apply for NASA internships go to
2. Register in OSSI by clicking on the Log in/Register tab or clicking on
the Student Login/Registration link at the top of the page. You can also
register on your Mobile device by clicking the Student Mobile Login link at
the top of the page. Provide basic information such as name, addresses,
college/university, major, degree being pursued, and planned graduation
3. Create an interest profile to specify your areas of interest. Specify
areas of interest for an internship or fellowship. Specify frequency of
receiving e-mails for new opportunity announcements that match your
4. Complete an application. Complete an internship, fellowship, or
scholarship application. Each type of application places you in the
applicant pool for consideration for all NASA opportunities (For more
information on NASA opportunities, visit the Student Discovery section on
the 'Home' tab.)
5. Search and select your top fifteen opportunities of interest. You can
apply to one or all fifteen opportunities prior to the end of the
application period. Applying to these specific opportunities will ensure
that your application will be seen by the engineers and scientists who set
up the opportunities that you applied to. This is in addition to being
placed in the general applicant pool where the engineers and scientists will
not see your application when they open their opportunities in OSSI.
Engineers and scientists must actively search in the pool for applicants.
They rarely do this because they are so busy. So, apply to the specific
opportunities that you are interested in! Save opportunities of interest
for future viewing. You can monitor the status of your top 15 opportunities
on the 'My Opportunities' tab. If selected, you will receive an offer
letter via email.
6. You can't apply until your application is complete. Your application is
not considered complete until at least one letter of recommendation is
uploaded and everything else is filled out.
7. The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, March 2, 2016. We
will begin extending offers to students in mid-to-late January and will
continue until all positions are filled. We encourage you to apply early
because the best opportunities are likely to be filled early. Plus, your
likelihood of being selected decreases the longer you wait.
8. Summer 2016 internships run from Monday, June 6 through Friday, August
12 for undergraduate and graduate students. Internships run from Monday,
June 27 through Friday, August 5 for high school students.
9. All student interns get paid. The high school stipend will be $2,100.00
for a six-week internship. The undergraduate stipend for a ten-week
internship will be $6,000.00. The graduate stipend for a ten-week internship
will be $7,500.00. As an intern, you are responsible for your own housing
and transportation.

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