It's March Membership Time

Carla Ruschival

It's membership time in ACB, and we invite you to be part of the
Kentucky Council of the Blind team in 2023.

KCB and its chapters help people with vision loss learn about
services, products and resources that improve their daily lives. Our
free weekly audio magazine (Sound Prints), our website and Facebook
page, our newsletter, our in-person and telephone support groups, and
our chapter meetings and programs touch the lives of hundreds of
people with vision loss throughout the state.

The power of working together is clear. Together we are increasing the
number of movies, DVD's, television and on-line and live programs with
audio description. Together we are helping to make technology and
websites more accessible to blind and visually impaired people.
Together we are making braille, large print, audio and electronic
books more readily available to people throughout the world. Together
we are working for accessible medical devices and exercise equipment
and so much more.

Help us make a difference. If you are not already a 2023 or life
member of the Kentucky Council of the Blind, take a few minutes now to
become part of the KCB team; blind, visually impaired, and sighted
Kentuckians and anyone who lives within 25 miles of the Kentucky state
line are welcome. KCB dues are just $8.00 for one year or $40.00 for a
life membership. Most KCB chapters also charge additional dues.

It's easy to join KCB and its chapters. KCB regional chapters include:

* Eastern Kentucky Christian Council of the Blind

* Greater Louisville Council of the Blind

* Northern Kentucky Council of the Blind

* Support Alliance of the Visually Impaired (Owensboro)

* South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind (Bowling Green)

Our special-interest chapters are

* Guide Dog Users of Kentuckiana

* KCB Next Generation (for members under 40)

* Kentucky Council of Citizens with Low Vision

* Tri-state Library Users

For more infermation or to become a member, call us at (502) 895-4598;
we'll be happy to answer your questions and process your payment over
the phone. Invite your friends to join also; all are welcome.

Help us touch lives and reach our goals. Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Carla Ruschival
Treasurer, Kentucky Council of the Blind
Phone: (502)895-4598