Dots and Dashes, March 6, 2023

Joey Couch

Dots and Dashes

March 6, 2023


ACB’s Accessible Currency Rally Takes Place This Week!


The U.S. Treasury is currently redesigning the $20 bill to include a portrait of Harriet Tubman, and a 2008 federal court order says that any new currency redesigns must include accommodations to individuals who are blind or low vision. The Administration is hoping to sneak through the redesign without making the bills accessible – they’re hoping we won’t notice or put up a fight. That’s why this Friday, March 10th – Harriet Tubman Day – we’re coming together for a rally in front of the White House with one clear demand: we need accessible and inclusive currency now! Tune in to the rally live on ACB’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Learn more by visiting


Eric Bridges to Become President & CEO of AFB


We would like to congratulate Eric Bridges on his new role of President & CEO at the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). Eric has worked at the American Council of the Blind for over 15 years, becoming the ACB Executive Director in fall of 2015. We thank Eric for his exceptional leadership during his many years of service to ACB and look forward to continuing our strong partnership with AFB. Learn more about his new position.


Remembering Judy Heumann


ACB joins the world in mourning the loss of Judy Heumann, who passed away yesterday at the age of 75. We were so fortunate to have Judy share her story during her banquet keynote presentation at the 2022 ACB Convention on July 7, 2022. We celebrate the life and legacy of such a powerful leader in the disability rights movement. Watch Judy’s keynote presentation at


Medical Device Nonvisual Accessibility Act


The American Council of the Blind commends Rep. Jan Schakowsky for leading 32 of her colleagues in reintroducing the bipartisan Medical Device Nonvisual Accessibility Act. This bill would ensure that home-use medical devices are accessible to blind and low vision Americans across the country. The Medical Device Nonvisual Accessibility Act is one of ACB’s 2023 Legislative Imperatives. Learn more by visiting


DKM First Timers & ACB/JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellows


We’re honoring the legacy of Durward K. McDaniel (DKM) through our 2023 DKM First-Timers and 2023 ACB/JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellows programs. To be eligible for consideration, each applicant must be age 18 or older, blind or low vision, and current on ACB membership dues. Additionally, DKM First-Timer applicants must never have attended an in-person ACB convention. For full details on the DKM First-Timers program, visit To learn more about the ACB/JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellows program, visit Access the 2023 Award Application by visiting


Cruise Accessibility Council


Autonomous car maker Cruise has announced the launch of the Cruise Accessibility Council, a cross-disability group of leaders and advocates who will provide external, independent input on Cruise’s product, programs and approach to accessibility. The American Council of the Blind is proud to represent the blindness community on the Cruise Accessibility Council. Learn more by reading the blog announcement or this Forbes article.


Twitter Accessibility Team


Sen. Edward J. Markey is calling on Twitter CEO Elon Musk to reinstate Twitter’s Accessibility Team and support the development and implementation of critical online features so that users with disabilities can fully access and utilize the social media platform. Read Sen. Markey’s letter here.




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