CCLVI-CHAT List Guidelines 

The purpose of the CCLVI-CHAT email list is a discussion email list for CCLVI friends and members to share emails related to events, information, and resources sponsored by CCLVI, ACB, their affiliates,  and friends. Discussion and posts must be related to low vision or visual impairments. Please review our list guidelines below. 


List Guidelines:

Be Respectful and Courteous

This is a community and all participating in it are expected to treat one another with respect and grace. Differences of opinion are welcome, but all viewpoints must be respected. All CCLVI & ACB lists reflect ACB  core values – integrity and honesty, respect, collaboration, flexibility, and initiative - consistent with the spirit embodied in the ACB and CCLVI codes of conduct. Please visit this link for the CCLVI Code of Conduct


Content Focus of this List

Discussions should be related to CCLVI, ACB, their  affiliates, members, and concerns of the low vision, blind, and visually impaired communities. 


Promotion and Advertising

Promotions or fundraisers for CCLVI, ACB or their  affiliates may be shared. Outside advertising and, sales, including content in message headers and signatures, is not permitted.


Forwarding Posts from Other Lists

We ask that list members refrain from routinely forwarding posts from non-ACB and non-CCLVI email lists and instead encourage individuals to share list subscription information, up to once per month, so people who would like to receive this information can receive it directly.


Send Post-Related Concerns to List Moderators 

Send concerns and comments to the list moderators  for review. Information on how to contact the list administrators/moderators is included in all message footers.


Follow List Guidelines

List moderators will issue warning emails to offending members. Violations of these terms, may result in  moderated status, suspension, or removal of individuals from lists are additional penalties to those who repeatedly abuse the guidelines. 


Managing Your List Preferences:

To see and modify all of your groups, go to Specific instructions on how to manage your email list preferences for this list are available on the list homepage


We look forward to hearing from you on CCLVI Chat!

Warm Regards,

CCLVI-Chat Moderators

Joyce Feinberg, CCLVI Lists Coordinator 
Kathy King, CCLVI Webmaster



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