CCLVI-Announcement- Only List Guidelines

The purpose of the CCLVI-Announcements

email list is one-way communication from CCLVI to distribute emails related to events, and information sponsored by CCLVI, and it’s affiliates. Please review our list guidelines below. 


List Guidelines

Content Focus of this List

Announcements distributed on this list will be specifically related to events and information sponsored by CCLVI, and it’s affiliates identified for the low vision, blind, and visually impaired communities. 


Requesting Announcements to Be Posted

If you have an announcement you would like posted on this list, and it fits our guidelines, please send it to the list moderators.


Promotion and Advertising

Promotions or fundraisers for CCLVI, or it’s affiliates may be occasionally posted to this list. No outside advertising and sales, including content in message headers and signatures, will be posted.


Send Post-Related Concerns to List Moderators 

Send concerns and comments to the list moderators  for review. Information on how to contact the list administrators/moderators is included in all message footers.


Managing Your List Preferences:

To see and modify all of your groups, go to Specific instructions on how to manage your email list preferences for this list are available on the list homepage


Warm Regards,

 Kathy King, CCLVI Webmaster, and 
Joyce Feinberg, Listserv Coordinator


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