Breast Cancer call in support group

Mary Kay Otts <honesty@...>

Date: Tuesday December 1, 2009
Time: from 5-30 to 7 p.m., Pacific time, 8-30 to 10:00 P.M. Eastern
Call in number: 219-509-8222 (long-distance charges will apply if you do not have free long distance phone service.)
Meeting ID: 1920325 press the pound also known as the number key.

Are you a woman living with breast cancer?
Would you like to be part of a caring community who understands your unique experience as a woman with vision loss, also dealing with breast cancer?
The ACB Women's Concerns Committee is sponsoring a support group for you, by phone. The group has been meeting since December of 2008 and new members are always welcome.
This group will not give any medical advice, or provide therapy. It will foster a safe and positive atmosphere in which to discuss relevant issues and support one another. If you are interested, please see above for instructions on how to access the conference call for the group.
As the result of recent changes the previously used call-in number is not being used.
We apologize for any problems this change may cause for participants. If you wish to participate in the support group and do not have access to a phone with free long distance please contact Lori via email at 516-887-1336 or leave a message for Lori at the ACB national office with Sharon Lovering at 800-424-8666 extension 2044.
When entering into the teleconference group please identify your self by first and last name and your location.
All participants must identify themselves upon entering the call to insure confidentiality and so that we know who is on the conference call.
We ask and expect everyone who attends group to observe strict confidentiality for anything discussed during group, so that everyone can feel comfortable sharing what they choose to. This group is being facilitated by three social workers who are volunteering their services and who are also ACB members. We anticipate that this group will be an uplifting experience for all and look forward to seeing you by phone on December 1.