Planned BARD maintenance for January 27, 2021

David Trott

Please be aware and share with others you believe would be interested in knowing the below information about an upcoming BARD maintenance outage:


NLS is planning BARD maintenance that will begin 11:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (EST), Tuesday, January 26, lasting 17 hours or less, with the expectation that the system will resume normal operation by 4:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 27. The NLS main public and Network Library Services websites, Voyager catalog, Text-Only catalog searches, and ThatAllMayRead website will remain available.


This service outage will allow NLS, working in cooperation with LOC’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, to move BARD to a cloud environment. Once operation resumes, patrons will experience no functional change to BARD, but users accessing the system via a high-speed Internet connections may notice faster download speeds.



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