Tuesday Topics! We need you! Please read!

Janet Dickelman


Tuesday Topics will be on ACB Radio Mainstream at 7 PM Eastern time tonight, June 22. I hope many of you will join us a little before 7 PM via zoom because the success of tonight's program depends on you!
We are going to try another two part open forum. I hope that some of you will let your friends know about the show so we have enough people to make the debate worthwhile.
During our first hour, I thought it might be interesting to talk about a question that is widely debated by people who are blind and also by people with other disabilities. Despite the passage of the ADA and the Rehab Act, the unemployment rate among people who are blind remains quite high. In fact it does not appear to have changed significantly over the last thirty years. Why is that? What can we do to change it? Is the situation worse for people who are blind than it is for people with other disabilities?
During the second hour, I would like to do some dreaming while we are awake! ACB is working in lots of areas now! However, there may well be an area that you would like to see our organization concentrate on. What might that be? Maybe you would like more particularity on an issue that ACB is already working on! Perhaps you think there is a huge gap with an issue that ACB really needs to focus on! In any case, what we are interested in on Tuesday Topics is your notion of what our priority issue in ACB ought to be. We will explore your ideas and talk about how best to make them happen! ACB is your organization! What do you want it to be doing?
We will be using Zoom Webinar. If you are using your computer, go to https://zoom.us/j/887066437. If you have downloaded the zoom app on your mobile phone you can join the meeting using the app and clicking on the link above. You can also open the app and then go to join meeting and double tap. Then type in the code 887066437. Then go to join again and double tap it. You will then be given the opportunity to connect using internet audio. When you join your audio will be muted and you can't change that! We will invite everyone in around five minutes before we start the actual live program. Please use a head set so there isn't a lot of feedback as you listen and speak!

There are several available call in telephone numbers but I will describe only two while listing the rest. From New York dial (929) 436-2866 and enter the code 887066437 followed by the pound key. You may be asked for another code but just hit the pound key again and you will be joined into the meeting. The same approach applies to the California number which is (669) 900-6833 and the code is the same as above: 887066437 followed by the pound key. After that, if you need to, hit pound again and you will be with us. Other numbers are (312) 626-6799, (253) 215-8782, (301) 715-8592 or (346) 248-7799. Keep these numbers because they will apply to future Tuesday Topic shows.
If you just want to listen, you can hear us on ACB Mainstream every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern time and also at 7 PM Pacific on Mainstream West. The first edited repeat is at 7 AM on Wednesdays and Tuesday Topics can be heard again at 5 AM and 5 PM on Sundays. These times are correct for ACB Mainstream East and ACB mainstream West at Eastern and Pacific times. Join us on
June 22 at 7 PM Eastern time or by 6:55 via zoom if you want to participate with us! If you are just going to listen, remember you can find ACB Radio Mainstream and mainstream West on your computer or on ACB LINK, an app you can download for your IOS or ANDROID device. You can also listen on the Amazon smart speaker, commonly called Alexa by saying "open the ACB Radio Mainstream skill" or "open the ACB mainstream West skill". You can also listen on any phone, land line or mobile, by calling (518) 906-1820.
You can now get our podcast from any podcast source. Look for "acb Tuesday Topics".
The only way you can truly hope to solve problems is by recognizing they exist and exploring what can be done about them!

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