study seeking totally blind participants

Janet Dickelman


We received the request below, and are hoping those of you who are totally blind would be willing to help this young lady. Her contact information is included.


Dear American Council of the Blind,


My name is Clarissa Zhong and I am a student from the University of Queensland, Australia. As part of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne's Young Talent Program, my team is creating a start-up for the visually impaired. We are currently mentored by leaders in UQ's entrepreneurship program 'Venture Validate'. 


To create an app tailored to the real needs of visually impaired, my team is in the process of interviewing people with total blindness. We are asking about their experiences in researching and planning their trips/vacation prior to travelling. 


We are reaching out to ask if you could help us connect with some people to interview? Whether over the phone or over Zoom, it will be a roughly 10- to 15-minute relaxed conversation with no prep needed. 

We would be very grateful if you could help.


My contact information:

Email: clarissa.zhong@...

Phone: (+61) 404012175