GDUI Announces Four Beautiful Plush Puppies in Hand-Made Harnesses: One or all could be yours!

Janet Dickelman

One or all could be yours!

This year GDUI is holding a drawing for 4 plush pups in harness thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Hava. These pups measure 12 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail and are 10 inches tall.
Tickets for individual pups are 3 for $5.00 or 7 for $10.00. You may purchase tickets via PayPal from the GDUI website using the below link or you may contact GDUI’s Office Manager, Lynn Merrill, by phone :
1-866-799-8436 in the U.S.
These pups get along so well with one another and have even developed some “special friendships”. Feel free to purchase tickets on more than one. Let me introduce them to you.
list of 4 items
1. Rascal, a yellow lab in a beautiful Guide Dogs of America harness.
He is the youngest and loves to play. However, when he is in harness, he is laser-focused on his job. He looks up to the other guides and is eager to please.
2. Cocoa, a chocolate lab in a Leader harness. She is a sweet little pixie with a heart of gold who eagerly greets each new day. After work and playtime, she’s a little cuddle bug.
3. . Banner, a black and tan German shepherd in a Fidelco harness.
Able to multi-task. While working, playing, or even at rest, he is vigilant and taking care of his “pack”. Very loyal.
4. . Bella, a golden in a Seeing Eye harness. Gentle and nurturing.
She has such a beautiful face. She is an excellent worker and a calm and relaxing companion.
list end
Ticket sales will end at 12:00 PM central time on Wednesday, July 6 and winners will be announced during the GDUI wrap-up and awards session which begins at 5:30 PM central time on Wednesday, July 6.
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