Gala Good Times on ACB Media TODAY (An Audio Described Gala about Audio Description)

Janet Dickelman


Hi everyone,


Today is the day we’ve been waiting for – The Inaugural AD Awards Gala at 7:30 PM EDT!


The video of the event will air live at as well as on NBC’s Peacock Network.

ACB Media is also proud to air the event at 7:30 EDT on ACB Media 6.


Leading up to the Event on Media 6, please tune in at 3:15 for a replay of this week’s Tuesday Topics featuring Barry Cronin, for whom the awards are named and at 5:15 PM for a replay of Sunday Edition with Anthony all about Audio Description and the Gala.


Again, the Gala begins at 7:30 with video on and NBC’s Peacock Network. The Gala will also be aired on ACB Media 6 at 7:30.


At 9 PM please join us for the after party on ACB Media 5 and 6. Consult today’s Community Events schedule if you wish to join via Zoom.

Please Tune in to this celebration of the Audio Description Industry


Enjoy the event!




Rick Morin

Technical Director, ACB Media Network

+1 (860) 426-9161