Metro Transit - Downtown Saint Paul Survey

Janet Dickelman

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Metro Transit is reaching out to organizations and businesses in the downtown St. Paul area about potentially relocating routes 3, 16, 62, 67, 75. These routes are currently on either Wabasha or Minnesota streets 


Starting in the spring of 2022 and ending in 2025/2026, there will be a series of street construction projects in downtown St. Paul. Wabasha Street will be the first, which will necessitate moving routes 62, 67, and 75 to Minnesota Street to join routes 3 and 16. At the end of the Wabasha construction, these routes will not be moving back, but will remain on Minnesota Street. In 2023, Minnesota Street will undergo construction and these routes will then move to Robert Street. When that construction is complete, Metro Transit will either keep all north/south routes on Robert Street. or return all service back to Minnesota. 


Now through Sept.17, we are seeking input to help us understand what is important to our customers, including those who are part of your organization. Metro Transit is providing a variety of opportunities for the public to provide input. To assist you, we’ve put together a packet of materials for you to use:  


·         Link to the survey: 

·         Link to the project news page: 

·         Amplify Metro Transit’s social media post or post your own with proposed copy (attached)

·         Facebook:   

·         Instagram: @MetroTransitMN   

·         Twitter: @MetroTransitMN   

·         Include an article in your newsletter or encourage your policy makers to include in their constituent e-newsletters and updates

·         Include a photo to accompany your social post or article  

·         Include a description and map of the proposed corridors/changes (attached)  


If you have any additional questions or comments please let me know.  


Thank you again for your support on this project! 



Doug Cook

Outreach Coordinator

Metro Transit


P. 651-231-8435