Press Release: ACB Announces Audio Description Gala This Fall

Janet Dickelman


The American Council of the Blind proudly announces the inaugural launch of the ACB Audio Description (AD) Awards Gala on October 21, 2021. The AD Gala will celebrate audio description through recognition of leaders in the industry and by expanding awareness of the benefits of audio description: 

“The goal is to elevate high achievement and bring attention to the importance of inclusive media, by recognizing those who lead in the craft of audio description,” said gala chair Will Butler, Vice President at Be My Eyes. 

Consumption of media and entertainment over the past year has been nothing short of historic. With more on-demand and streaming options being released each day, audiences have moved from a golden to a platinum age of media-rich with compelling stories available at the push of a button.

Along with this never-ending growth of entertainment has come a watershed of accessible media for consumers who are blind and visually impaired. 

Founded in 2009, the ACB Audio Description Project (ADP) works with stakeholders and industry leaders to provide accessible video entertainment through the delivery of audio-described content. As the ADP continues to educate the community on the value and needs for audio description,

“While the number of individuals who are blind and visually impaired increases significantly over the coming decade, it is crucial we recognize the needs of this growing audience in the media landscape,” said ACB Past President and ADP Co-Chair Kim Charlson. “The ACB AD Gala will not only help educate as to the value but celebrate the successes practitioners have made in the field.”

The evening highlight will take place as the event bestows the newly created ACB Barry Award, recognizing the best-of-the-best in the field of audio description. Created to honor the memory and legacy of two industry leaders, Barry Cronin and Barry Levine. 

"We hope one day receiving a Barry from ACB will be the highest achievement in audio description – it will mean you've committed to creating and distributing accessible media at the highest level,” added Butler. 

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