Convention UPdate

Nichoel Schlender <kb0ouf@...>

Hello everyone. I'm truly sorry I didn't write yesterday, but time got away from me. Let me start with Saturday afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on the Newsreel tour. It is truly amazing how a very small staff can operate out of a three-room office on the 10th floor of a rather old building. I was very fascinated by how Irwin Hott does all of his digital editing. I am very interested in Sound editing, so I could have stayed in his office and had a ball if I would've had the chance. Apparently cassettes are still very wanted and needed. Newsreel still mails 300 cassettes per month. Eleni did not play the role of escape artist this yer. Before the first general session, we were waiting for Down elivators for what seemed like a half hour. If you were listening on aCB Radio you will have heard the sessions, but if you weren't, I learned from last year. Marlaina didn't have to call Minnesota twice.
Sunday's General session was rather self explanitory. After the session, I went to the gDUI programming. The last agenda item of that session was about self advocacy. Charlie Crawford and Mike May spoke. The main thing I got out of that discussion was, be comfortable with who you are, and be comfortable with your blindness, because, it's not going to change. After all of the programming was over for the evening, I was going to go to the Piano Technology Workshop, but, I picked up their information at yesterday's Marketplace table, so I decided to go on the Nature walk. It is very reassuring to have trainers tell you that you're still doing great with your dog.
This morning's session was rather uneventful. Eric Bridges gave his last convention report as Advocacy and Governmental affairs director. For those who know what Farckle is, I am going to go play that this afternoon with actual dice vurses on the computer. I'll semd more when I get a chance.
Nicky and Eleni.