Convention Day one.

Nichoel Schlender <kb0ouf@...>

HI everhyone. I was brainstorming on night last night and decided to send regular convention updates of my experience. before I left yesterday, I was sitting at the gate which I got to about 2 hours earlier than needed. I was sitting there minding my own business when somebody came up to me and introduced herself to me as Cathy. She said that she used to work at the Micigan Comission for the Blind. She was very kind and assisted me diwn to a little eating place down in the basement of the airport. After we got back up to the gate, /eleni really had to go out so we had to wait for a while for an airport employee named cody to come and assist us out to the Tarmak. This really brought to mind a renewed initiative at the airport. We really need a dog relief area inside security. I'm not sure how to go about this, but, I'm very sure there are some very knowledgable aCBM members who can help with this mission. I arrived at the Hyatt a little after 05:00 yesterday afternoon. Last night I went to the Welcome party which was fun. This year there was a pop trivia night. It was fun meeting others from other states. This afternoon, I am going on the Newsreelers tour. I am veryinterested in the mechanical workings of the magazine. This evening at 07:00 Eastern time is the opening General session. It will be on ACB Radio mainstream. Hopefully this year I won't have to be called twice. I'll sen more tomorrow if time permits. Eleni is having a hayday with all of the other dogs as well.