An open letter to ACB Media staff

Rick Morin

To everyone on the ACB Media staff who supported the convention,


Inspire is the AV company we worked with in Omaha. They are the in-house AV supplier to over 200 hotels and convention centers across the country.  They told us that, in their experience, most events that are being touted as hybrids, are one-way events with interaction done primarily through chat. What we set out to do was as aggressive as anything they had been involved in, with a fraction of a budget.


An enormous body of work went into the preparation and execution of the event over several months, and there is still lots to be done to preserve it and make it available to even more people. The teamwork of everyone across ACB Media, the affiliates, the ACB Community, our sponsors, ACB Staff, volunteers and countless others truly exemplifies ACB’s Core Values. None of this would have been possible without each of your enormously valuable contributions. We all have so much to be proud of. Thank you!


We are our own biggest critics. Yes, there were glitches. A few of them baffled an extremely competent professional AV team. We have several sources that we will draw from to stitch together podcasts and video archives with almost none of the content lost. We will place a high priority on getting podcasts available of sessions that were inaudible in the Zoom Webinar. Stay tuned.


It takes many people who work behind the scenes to make these events happen. I cannot thank you enough for everything each of you have done.


We achieved and learned a lot. We all walk away from this proud and with the confidence that we can, and will, do it again.












Rick Morin

ACB Media and IT Manager

American Council of the Blind, Inc.

+1 (860) 426-9161