ACB Media Christmas Weekend on ACB Media 4.

Larry Gassman

Hi all,

Christmas time is almost here, and ACB Media plans to celebrate with a weekend of Christmas Music and stories.

Please join us on ACB Media 4 as we send you a large portion of Holiday spirit. 

Many of our hosts have gathered to play there favorite shows and music during the upcoming weekend.

Here is the schedule.  All times are eastern.

Join us beginning December 17, Saturday morning.

Jason Castonguay from 7 to 11 AM. Jason will not only be playing his favorite music, but maybe if persuaded, he will play live music for us all.

11 AM to 1 PM, Rick and Deb Lewis as a part of there normal schedule will present Radio Ride, with lots of Christmas music.

1 to 5 PM. We welcome back Debbie Hazelton who will play some of her favorite Music.

5 to 9 PM.  Joe Green and Regina Brink operate their own Internet radio Station, but also have agreed to share some musical treats with us on Saturday evening.

9 PM to 1 AM. Jeff Bishop has one of the largest Christmas collections in the world.  He will be showcasing his collections with music and stories for all.

Sunday December 18.

Rick Morin begins Sunday from 5 to 9 AM. His vast collection will be ready for you to sample with lots of opportunities to get in to the Christmas spirit.

9 to 11 AM.  John and Larry Gassman will present lots of older radio history with radio shows, novelty songs and just good Christmas fun.

11 AM to 3 PM: Jim Pemberton will be here with lots of contemporary Christmas music

3 to 11 PM: You will hear more from Rick and Deb Lewis plus Joe Paton as they help us close out our ACB Media Christmas offering for 2022.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays from all of us at ACB Media.

Now here are ways to listen this weekend.


Ways to Connect to ACB Media Programming

Amazon Alexa enabled device (RECOMMENDED)

Say to Alexa:  “Alexa, Ask ACB Media 4)


PC / browser access (RECOMMENDED):

Visit at (n= stream number). The site has a built-in media player and there is no need to install or use a media player on your device. Hit the play button and the stream will begin playing immediately.


Smart device Access (RECOMMENDED):

Download “ACB Link” from your app store. Find “Radio” along the bottom of the screen, then “Menu” in the top left corner. Select “Streams” and then choose the stream you wish to listen to. Double tap the play button.


Victor Reader Stream Access:

Navigate to “Internet radio library” in the “online bookshelf”. Locate the Humanware playlist. From the playlist, select ACB Media n (n = stream number) and hit play.


Larry Gassman

ACB Media Coordinator

(202) 921-7751