Attention Editors

Joyce Feinberg

Attention Editors:


First, I want to thank you for all your challenging work so far. We were able to reach our first goal of releasing the first week of the convention (virtual week at the end of June) as promised.


We are also well on our way to completing the hybrid sessions (first week of July). There are still a few outstanding files that I have not received and are still sitting in your folders. Could you please complete the files and place them in the folder labeled “Place finished tracks here” when they are completed. If you can no longer edit files, please let me know.


I am currently locating a few sessions that were not in the server archives. Once I locate the sessions (if they were not cancelled), I will be notifying you that there are more files in your folders. This will not occur until the beginning of September as I am taking a few days of vacation starting on Thursday of this week.


Once those few files are located and edited, we will have completed all the sessions from the 2022 ACB National Conference and Convention and will meet our second goal of completing everything before the end of September!


You should all congratulate yourselves for a job well done! As Dan Spoone has commonly said; “Hip Hip Hooray”!


Thank you all for everything!