Today's Featured Items and How to Listen to the Holiday Auction

Carla Ruschival

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The 2019 ACB Radio Holiday Auction is this coming Sunday, December 8,
from 6:00 PM to midnight Eastern Time (3:00 to 9:00 PM Pacific), or
until all items are sold.

So many exciting items; so many great things on which to bid.  See
below for today's featured items.

The auction pre-registration line is now open.  Pre-registering for
the auction does not obligate you to bid; it just helps the auction
run more smoothly and quickly.  Call (877) 630-7190 before 11:00 PM
Eastern Time (8:00 PM Pacific) on Friday, December 6 and leave your
first and last name, telephone number, email address, and city and
state where you live.  If you do not pre-register, you will need to
supply the same information on December 8, the day of the auction,
before we can accept your bids.

Today we are featuring some of the crafts and collectibles in this
year's auction.  Visit and follow the 2019 Holiday
Auction link to see all of our great items on the Preview Page.

Item 10   1984 Norman Rockwell Plate

"Santa in His Workshop" was painted by Norman Rockwell in 1922.  It
appeared in the Clintonville Gazette on December 14, 1922. It was then
lost for many years, but was re-discovered and issued as a
limited-edition plate in 1984.  The "Santa in His Workshop" plate was
11th in an annual series of Christmas plates.  It is certified by the
Norman Rockwell Society of America, and comes witha certificate of

Donated by Keri Bishop, Kirkland, WA

Item 14  Handcrafted Wooden Bowl

This open segmented woooden bowl is beyond stunning.  Made from 1344
tiny pieces of walnut, cherry and maple, each individually cut and
glued together in such a way as to form a 9-petal floral design in the
bottom of the bowl.  The bowl was then turned in the wood lathe and
sanded to a satiny-smooth finish.  The open segments give the bowl a
delicate appearance even though it is roughly 16 inches in diameter by
about 4 inches deep.  A great bread or fruit bowl or a stand-alone
conversation piece. Handcrafted by Alan Shrebtienko, a former
high-school physics teacher and member of the Kentucky Council of the

Donated by Alan Shrebtienko and On a Whim Woodworks, Sellersburg, IN

Item 15  Musical Carousel Snow Globe

This exquisite music box is pink and purple with gold trim.  The snow
globe contains 3 carousel horses and little lights that change from
pink to purple, green, yellow, light and dark blue as the music plays.
Sculpted flowers and sparkly "gems" adorn the canopy and base of the
carousel.  Detailed sculpted horses and other characters surround the
base.  Wind with the key and watch the horses in the globe revolve
counterclockwise as the base turns clockwise.  Plays "Castle in the
Sky."  7.09 in. wide, 9.84 in. tall.

Donated by American Council of Blind Lions

Item 19  Gibson Girl Mother of the Bride Doll

This Franklin Heirloom Doll from the Franklin Mint Company is
authorized by Dana Gibson, great-granddaughter of Charles Dana Gibson,
creator of the original Gibson girl.  This exquisite doll is
beautifully sculpted in fine hand-painted porcelain and dressed in an
authentic turn-of-the-century gown of luxurious russet chiffon and
shimmering lace, adorned with satin ribbon roses. Down one
flawlessly-handpainted porcelain cheek rolls a single crystalline tear
of happiness.  In one elegantly-gloved porcelain hand she carries a
delicate handkerchief, etched with beautiful lace.  Her spectacular
hat is accented with handmade satin ribbon roses and matches her
wedding ensemble.  Her flowing gown of russet chiffon and lace is
trimmed with elegant golden braid.  Includes stand, original paperwork
and box, and care instructions.  Approximately 20 inches tall.

Donated by Ed Coupe, Orlando, FL

Item 22  Margarine's Heirloom Quilt

Most years the ACB Radio Holiday Auction includes a unique quilt
created by Margarine Beaman, and this year is no exception.  This
quilt is red, black, gold and white, and features tiny horses, teddy
bears and snowmen.  The back of the quilt is white with a strip of the
front fabric.  Measuring 38 by 55 inches, this handmade heirloom is
perfect for a baby's crib.

Donated by Margarine Beaman, Austin, TX

Item 25  Butterfly Porcelain Music Box

Delight in the shimmering pastel colors of this 22K gold accented
Precious Jewel To Treasure Forever Music Box, a fine porcelain box
from The Bradford Exchange.  Exquisitely handcrafted of triple-fired
Heirloom Porcelain® and lavished with rich 22K-gold accents; features
60 hand-set simulated jewels and bas-relief raised swirls.  Elegant
curves coupled with decorative embellishments make this music box an
extraordinary addition to your collection.  Expertly sculpted and
hand-finished with remarkable detail showcasing pearlized iridescent
hues of purple and blue with bas-relief swirls.  Features a specially
designed hinge at the center which allows the butterfly wings to lift
up, 'fluttering' open to reveal a storage space lined in soft purple
velvet.  Plays 'Wind Beneath My Wings."  Edition limited to 95 firing
days.  Hand-numbered; has a matching Certificate of Authenticity.
4-1/2" wide.

Donated by the American Council of Blind Lions

Item 26   Crystal Rose Salt-and-pepper Shakers

Add elegance to your table with these beautiful Marquis by Waterford
lead crystal salt-and-pepper shakers.  Each shaker has the look of a
rose in full bloom.  2.5 by 2.25 by 2 in.  Weight: 0.64 oz. each.

Donated by Connie Jacomini, Gilbert, AZ

Item 34  State Quarters Collection

Between 1999 and 2009, the United States issued a series of special
quarters, one for each state, the District of Columbia, and each of
the US Territories.  Each state selected a unique design to appear on
its quarter.  These quarters were issued by both the Philadelphia Mint
and the Denver Mint.  This auction item is a collectible album filled
with a complete set of circulated state series quarters, including the
District of Columbia and US territories, from both mints; 112 quarters
in all.  Open the album to find a picture of the United States Capitol
on the right and, on the left, pictures of the Washington monument and
Lincoln Memorial with surrounding buildings lit up at dusk.  Open
again and on the left is information about each state, including the
date each joined the Union, its capital, square miles and population.
The top half of the page on the right is a map showing each state
labelled with its name and date it joined the union, and colors
indicating the year its quarter was issued.  The bottom half of the
page with the map shows states grouped by the year their quarters were
introduced, with a watermark behind each group.  Open the right side
of the album one more time to find a list of US presidents from George
Washington to George W. Bush.

Donated by Adam Ruschival, Louisville, KY

Item 50  Waterford Crystal Coasters and Ice Bucket

This set of 6 lead crystal coasters keeps surfaces blemish-free.
Featuring a beautiful star pattern, this set is from the Marquis by
Waterford collection and includes a holder to keep coasters in one
plce when not in use.  Coasters measure 3.75 inches in diameter.  This
auction item also includes a Lovitt crystal ice bucket from the
Marquis by Waterford collection that is both useful and elegant.  Its
diamond pattern makes it the perfect addition to any bar.

Donated by Connie Jacomini, Gilbert, AZ

Item 58  Collectible Crystal Angel

This beautiful standing crystal angel is gold-faceted and is from
Simon Designs.  Her head is a faceted crystal.  Measures about 4.25
in. tall by 3.5 in. wide and weighs 13.4 oz.  In its original box.  A
wonderful keepsake, collectible or gift.

Donated by Keri Bishop, Kirkland, WA


Originating from the RadioStorm studios in Louisville, Kentucky, the
auction will be broadcast on ACB Radio Mainstream and on ACB Radio
Interactive.  Here are ways to listen:

*  Use the Zoom line to listen and bid on your computer, mobile
device, or landline phone (see below for more details).

*  Listen on the ACB Link app  - only available on Android phones at this time.

*  Listen on your computer by visiting  and following the
ACB Radio link.

*  Listen on any Amazon Alexa device. The first time just say "Alexa,
enable ACB Radio Mainstream." The next time just say "Alexa, play ACB
Radio Mainstream."  Or say "Alexa, listen to ACB Radio Interactive."

*  Listen on your telephone; call 605-475-8130 and select 1 from the
menu for ACB Radio Mainstream or 4 for ACB Radio Interactive.

For complete auction rules and dialing instructions, visit and follow the Holiday Auction link.