Seeking your vote for ACB Board of Directors

Rachel Schroeder

Hello ACB lions,


I hope this message finds you all well and for those of you in Omaha, that your preparations and travels have all gone smoothly.


This message is to tell you a little more about myself and to ask for your support and vote as I seek a position on the ACB board of directors. 


I live in Springfield Illinois, work full time as an Assistive Technology Specialist and am a single mom to a beautiful seven-year-old girl who is the light of my life.  I am a proud life member of ACB and was honored to be selected as one of the 2019 JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellows. 


I’m running for a board position now because I feel that now is the right time to make good on a promise I made in 2019 when I was honored as an ACB  JP Morgan Chase Leadership Fellow.  At that time, I made a promise that as soon as my state presidency for Illinois Council of the Blind was completed, I was going to invest back into ACB what they and JP Morgan Chase invested in me as a leader.  I am now here to do just that. 


My over 27 years in ACB serving on numerous local, state and national committees and holding various officer roles including president of the Illinois Council of the Blind for the past eight years has prepared me and provided me with a wonderful foundation and perspective from which to work and bring my service up to the next level.   Nationally, you may know me from my work on the ACB auction and ACB Women’s committees and heard me at times doing shows or helping out with other broadcasts on ACB Media. 


As I seek to serve on the board I feel that if elected, I will be able to bring much to the table. I have great appreciation for our rich ACB history but also am filled with optimism and enthusiasm for being inclusive to all and moving ACB into the future.  I feel that I would be able to approach my work on the board in a manner of respectfully listening, learning and collaborating with others to arrive at good decisions to best represent ACB and its members.  Alone I may not have all the answers but together with others who also have ACB’s best interest at heart, we can make our best efforts to arrive at the best solutions possible.


If elected to a position on the ACB Board of Directors, I will work hard on the ACB advocacy front to continue to keep our issues out there so that we can ultimately make things better for all who come after us in ACB and in the blindness community.  I will also do my best to make myself available and approachable to all ACB members and affiliates to discuss concerns or ideas and work hard to foster good communication and strong working relationships.  In addition, I will work hard to find opportunities to mentor potential new leaders and find ways to give them experience and allow them to shine in the ways in which they choose to serve ACB. These potential leaders are ACB’s future.


As a lion myself who has also benefited long ago from the great work Lions do, I hope that you feel that I would represent our ACB lions affiliate well on the ACB board and would greatly appreciate your vote. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I can be reached most easily by email. The address is: rschroeder.acb@....  You can call or text me at 407-924-7264. 


Thank you for reading and for voting.  Have a great convention.




Best Regards,


Rachel Schroeder