Reminder, Please, Please buy tickets for the ICB Concert Fundraiser

Ray Campbell

I would like to remind you all about the Illinois Council of the Blind's
(ICB) very exciting Fall Fundraiser.Steven Solomon "Pianist to the Stars".
This will be a virtual concert on Sunday, November 13 at 7 p.m. central

Steven plays jazz, classical, pop, show tunes, oldies, patriotic, holiday,
and all genres of music. He is also a singer, singer-songwriter,
accompanist, arranger, music director, producer, music editor, studio
musician, educator, and multi-instrumentalist.

This will take place using Zoom on Sunday, November 13th, 7:00 PM until 8:30
PM Central Time. The cost is $25.00 per household to attend.

Folks, we have a shamefully small number of tickets sold thus far. It would
be a travesty to bring such a renowned talent in to help ICB raise funds
with the pitifully small number of tickets we have sold. Please, please
purchase tickets for this fundraiser. Please, also, forward the information
to your families and friends. $25 is a small price to pay per household for
such a great talent.

Some of you may remember we promoted this fundraiser fall of 2021 and
sold tickets when we had Steven Solomon perform a virtual concert. It was a
successful fundraiser last year and we are hoping this year it will be as
well. Please join us for a good time and great music.

You can buy a ticket to attend by going to the ICB website, you can call the ICB Office at
217-523-4967, or, if you have Pay Pal, send $25 to icb@... and
indicate in the comments you want a concert ticket. The last 30 minutes of
the show will be dedicated to songs that have been requested for Steven to
play. These songs have been pre-requested. Steven can play any genre. All
you need to do to pre-request a song is email Maggie at the ICB office at
icb@... or call her at 217-523-4967. She will then send you a list
of songs to choose from to make your selection for Steven to play.

For more information about Steven Solomon, the amazing places around the
world that he has performed, the famous people he has performed for and some
of his music, check out his website, or check out his
YouTube channel at We hope that you can join
us in our fundraising efforts as ICB could really use the support. Have a
wonderful fall season.

Ray Campbell, President, Illinois Council of the Blind