Lion President William Calling


ACB Lions,
Welcome to all our ACB lions that are joining our list serve.   It has taken a lot of work and we look forward to lots of fun and discussion.
Let me look for someone to help with the first assignment.   That is what this list can be used for.   Who knows of a strong, welcoming club in phoenix Arizona.   We are going to be having our yearly visit there next summer and we would like to plan things far in advance.   If you know of a club in the Phoenix area that might meet close to the hotel that we will be staying in, give me a shout and we will see what goes on.
Again, let me welcome everyone and thanks so much for your support.   I will be sending out the monthly reminder about our December meeting, so until then keep roaring.
President, William Benjamin
William Benjamin, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire.
The tuner alone preserves the tone.