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Donna Pomerantz

Thank you Gabe for your note. My understanding is that the Zoom information has been sent out to everyone registered.


Also, many thanks for sharing that you are already taking notes on making things even better. Debriefs are standard practice and ACB has been doing this on a regular basis and now that surveys are being sent out all can share there what has been great and what gave some struggles.


As all have been saying, it is great to have so much staff support and volunteers holding staff up as well as the membership volunteers.


Thank you much, yes this is the first time all of this has been done as Janet and others have shared and now you too.


Thanks much everyone so no special zoom information for resolutions this time…thanks for the answer.


Take care everyone, stay healthy  and hear ya all on Zoom for resolutions and the coming voting!


Donna Pomerantz






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Hello Donna and Bob, 


First, thank you Donna for your observations about the time put in to the voting on resolutions. Having served on both the Resolutions and voting taskforces this last year I can say we put a lot of thought in to the process. As Dan mentioned this morning, this is the first time we've done things this way so it may not be perfect but we're already taking notes on what can be done differently and hopefuly better next year. 


As far as your question about a members only zoom, it's my understanding that the zoom info is only being sent out to members. That being said, it's always possible that there will be nonmembers who could get it but my personal feeling and hope is that just like at our CCB convention when we did this that any numbers of people who would be raising their hands on zoom would be so small as to not be impactful. 


On the other side of that argument, there is no guarantee that everyone in the room for the voicevote is a registered ACB member either and never has ben. The only time theres ever really a guarantee that only ACB members are voting is if it comes down to a rollcall vote. 


Just my 1.5 cents worth. Thanks for reading. 






Gabe Griffith 

President, California Council of the Blind 



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Bob and all:


I’ve asked this question for just a few years now, and having sat in the presidents seat in CA and observed things from the sidelines when Mitch was ACB President, I know there are a lot of moving parts which is why I’m now asking the question since we are having this discussion now and not able to ask questions from the floor or through Zoom since I am not at the convention.


I do know a number of other folks have wondered this for awhile besides yourself which is why I’m asking now cuz I’m still wondering. All questions are good questions.


Many thanks and hope to hear soon, as am sure I would have from the floor if I was allowed to ask that question if I was there.


Donna Pomerantz




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Donna, I have always wondered about your inquiry. How do we know that those hands reaised are all from members? Bob Acosta


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Sounds like there has been a lot of thought put into the voting on resolutions…thanks to everyone for that.


Question…and you might not have the ability to do this, this time around so please directly say so if that is the case as am sure there are a lot of moving parts...


Do you have the ability to send out a “members only” Zoom information for members to use to log on to so that it can be assured that “only members” are seeking role call, etc…or will Nancy or someone else make sure that all hands up are members only before any Zoom votes are taken…before moving on?


Thanks so much.


Donna Pomerantz