How to listen and bid plus more items in the Holiday Auction

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Excitement is in the air!  It's almost time for the 2019 ACB Radio
Holiday Auction, coming to you tomorrow, Sunday, December 8, from 6:00
PM to midnight Eastern Time (3:00 to 9:00 PM Pacific), or until all
items are sold.

Here are more items that are guaranteed to make bidding fun in the ACB
Radio Holiday Auction, including a few that don't appear on the
preview page:

Item 7  Yamaha Recorders

Play beautiful melodies with these quality Yamaha 20 Series soprano
recorders in the key of C. Constructed of durable and lightweight ABS
resin.  3-piece construction makes these recorders easy to clean and
dry; it allows the parts to be swiveled slightly to adjust the
fingering to better fit the player's hands; and the intonation can be
improved by altering the position of the foot joint.  Baroque
fingering; double holes - low C and C sharp, and low D and D sharp.
Includes 1 each translucent blue, translucent pink, and translucent
green recorder.  Mix and match the colors to make your own unique
instrument.  Carrying bag included for each recorder.  Cleaning cloth
and cleaning rod recommended (not included).

Donated by Buddy Gray Music Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

Item 18  MountainSmith K-9 Cube Bag

This hermitage red bag is roomy and durable and holds lots of dog gear
and travel essentials.  Made of ripstop polyester with PEVA lining and
PE foam.  There's an internal divider in the main compartment, a
kibble travel bag, a drop-down food tray on the front panel with two
collapsible food/water bowls, mesh exterior pockets, and adjustable
webbing shoulder and hand straps.  Measures 15 by 15 by 7.5 inches.
This auction also includes a Throw Me a Bone squeaky lion toy, a
2-in-1 fun skin toy monkey, a 2-pack silicone bone-shaped ice cube and
baking tray, AKC calming supplement dog treats, and Fruitables Greek
strawberry yogurt dog treats.

Donated by Guide Dog Users Inc.

Items 21A and 43A  Silver Lenox Ornaments

Set of 8 silver Lenox ornaments, each with crystal accents and
measuring 4.5 to 5 inches tall.  Perfect for the Christmas tree or as
a special thank-you gift.

Donated by Adele Moller, Vacaville, CA

Item 30  Genuine Leather Backpack

This high-quality sturdy backpack is a big 18 by 12 by 6 in., and it
has padded shoulder straps for easy carrying.  Zip it open at the top
to find two large main compartments - one for your 17-in. laptop or
other large device and the other for books, tablet, and much more.
Unzip the 3 sides of the 12 by 8.5-in. pocket on the front of the
backpack to reveal a mini office containing 3 credit card slots that
can hold several cards each, 3 pen slots good for 20/20 pens, and a
cell phone/checkbook/index card slot.  Unzip another pocket in front
of the mini office to find a smaller 12 by 6-in. compartment.  There's
an 8 by 6-in. pocket on each side of the backpack.

Donated by Connie Jacomini, Gilbert, AZ

Item 38  Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii

This item is filled with Hawaiian ornaments, plus cookies, coffee, and
accessories that will bring the Islands to your kitchen. It contains:

(1)  7 oz. vanilla macadamia and 7 oz. upcountry morning blend
all-purpose grind coffee;

(2)  4 oz. butter guava macadamia nut petite Hawaiian home-style
cookies, bite-sized and baked with real butter, from the family-owned
Kauai Kookie Company;

(3)  12 individually-wrapped Hawaiian shortbread chocolate brownies,
made in Hawaii with real butter, from the Diamond Bakery, founded in
1921 and named for the Diamondhead volcano;

(4)  3 sets of very delicate Hawaiian ornaments, each with 3 wreaths;
all are unique, with different centers and different leaves forming
the wreaths.  Centers include a plumeria, bird of paradise flower,
hibiscus, hula girl, Santa, aloha sign etc.;

(5)  An ornament with Santa standing in front of a surfboard with a
sign saying "got surf";

(6)  Cute salt-and-pepper shakers with a Hawaiian girl and boy kissing
and holding a surfboard above their heads; says "Aloha Hawaii";

(7)  A dish drying mat, 2 sets of 2 dish towels each, and a set of 2
dishcloths in coral and seashell patterns.

Donated by Anthony Akamine and Terri-Lynne Higashi, Honolulu, HI

Item 46  Winds of Change Convention Package

Schaumburg, Illinois - where the action is for the 59th annual
conference and convention of the American Council of the Blind.  This
great package includes three nights during convention week at the
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, home of ACB from
July 3 through July 10 in 2020.  An incredible start to an incredible
week with ACB!

Donated by Board members of the Illinois Council of the Blind, the ACB
of Minnesota, and Janet Dickelman, ACB Convention Co-ordinator, St.
Paul, MN

Item 49  Insect Shield Crate Mat

Your dog will rest in comfort with this polyester-filled Insect Shield
crate mat.  The invisible odorless Insect Shield technology repels a
wide variety of insects and lasts through 70 washings.  The durable
ripstop fabric shell with hanging loop zips off for washing.  Mat
measures 18 by 28 inches.

Donated by Guide Dog Users Inc. (GDUI)

Item 51  Snare Drum and Stand

TKO percussion chrome snare kit package. 10-lug 5-1/2-in. by 14-inch
chrome snare drum.  Comes with a strap for marching, wooden
drumsticks, and a heavy-duty chrome stand.

Donated by Buddy Gray Music Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

Item 54  Retro Personal Fridge

This personal refrigerator keeps up to six 12-ounce cans cold at a
time.  Power cords for both AC and DC outlets included, so it works in
your kitchen, car, boat, dorm room and more.  Retro details, like a
see-through window and chrome door latch, give this unit a cool blast
of '50s style.  Removable shelf; perfect way to store water, beer,
wine, baby bottles, yogurt, cheese and more.  Portable and compact;
fits neatly on desks or in small spaces; built-in carry handle.
Color: light sage green.

Donated by Connie Jacomini, Gilbert, AZ

Item 57A  Sauces and Seasonings from the Cocoa Exchange

Donated by Jeff and Leslie Thom, Sacramento, CA

Item 64  Comfort and Aloha from Hawaii

This gift bag is packed with all the comforts of Hawaii.  Includes:

(1)  A hand-crafted Hawaiian-style lap quilt designed by Mona Yamada;
one side is blue with brown Hawaiian fern, and the other is white with
baby blue roses and ferns.  Measures 62 by 45 inches;

(2)  A mini insulated bag with orange bird of paradise and green
ferns; perfect for holding your lunch or things needed to be kept

(3)  A 10-oz. bag of Maunaloa dry roasted macadamia nuts; no
preservatives; gluten-free;

(4)  3 3-oz. boxes of Maui Caramacs - creamy caramel and macadamias
covered in milk chocolate.

(5)  A 6-oz. bag of lilikoi passion fruit and a 6-oz. bag of
strawberry guava pancake mix; just add 1/2 cup water to make 4 to 5
pancakes each;

(6) A 16-oz. bag of sweet mango slices; bite into one and you end up
eating the whole bag;

(7)  Two Hawaiian potholders - one with red and yellow hibiscus and
the other with a fern and red hibiscus design;

(8)  A Hawaiian pocket calendar with flowers on the front;

(9)  A Hawaiian wall calendar full of beautiful pictures of the Island
of Hawaii;

(10)  Two mini lauhala baskets, one 4 by 8 inches and the other 5 by 9
inches; sure to add a touch of elegance to any household; and
(11)  A fun canvas bag with a yellow, a pink, and a green pineapple.

Donated by the Hawaii Association of the Blind

Item 66  Tambourine and Maracas

Kids love rhythm instruments, and maracas and the tambourine are among
the most popular.  Adults also enjoy adding the sound of the
tambourine and maracas to musical jam sessions.  This auction includes
an 8-in. open wooden tambourine with 6 sets of jangles and a pair of
wooden maracas.  The maracas are black with a sketch of a beach scene
with palm trees and birds; they have 5-in. handles, and the shakers
are 4 in. tall and 9 in. in circumference.

Donated by Buddy Gray Music Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

To view a complete list of items in the Holiday Auction, along with
pictures and descriptions, visit and follow the
2019 Holiday Auction link.  Items on the Preview Page are numbered and
appear in the order that they will be auctioned. Bids will only be
accepted on items when they are on air; please DO NOT call in advance
to ask when an item will air.


Originating from the RadioStorm studios in Louisville, Kentucky, the
auction will be broadcast on ACB Radio Mainstream and on ACB Radio
Interactive.  Here are ways to listen:

*  Use the Zoom line to listen and bid on your computer, mobile
device, or landline phone (see below for more details).

*  Listen on the ACB Link app  - only available on Android phones at this time.

*  Listen on your computer by visiting    and following
the ACB Radio link.

*  Listen on any Amazon Alexa device. The first time just say "Alexa,
enable ACB Radio Mainstream." The next time just say "Alexa, play ACB
Radio Mainstream."  Or say "Alexa, listen to ACB Radio Interactive."

*  Listen on your telephone; call 605-475-8130 and select 1 from the
menu for ACB Radio Mainstream or 4 for ACB Radio Interactive.


You must register for the auction before you can place a bid. Waiting
until you want to bid to register could mean that you miss out on the
item you want.

The Holiday pre-registration line is now closed.  The registration
line will open at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (1:00 PM Pacific) on Sunday,
December 8 - two hours before the auction begins. Call (877) 630-7190
and leave your first and last name, telephone number, email address,
and city and state where you live.


Use your landline, computer, or mobile device to join the Zoom Line,
listen to the auction and bid when you want.  From any telephone
(including landlines), dial (646) 558-8656, enter code 678150637, and
press the pound key twice; you will be in the call and part of the

If you prefer to connect to our bidder line through the Zoom app with
your computer or mobile device, download and install the app ahead of
time.  Make sure it is running properly on your device, and that you
know how to access its raise hand button.  Use this link to join
through the app:


When you join the call, you will be muted.  PLEASE DO NOT UNMUTE YOURSELF.

When you wish to bid, raise your hand by pressing the star key and
then the 9 on your phone keypad, or use the raise hand button if
connecting through the Zoom app on your computer or smartphone.  We
will unmute you and ask for your bid when it is your turn.

Quickly state your bid, without any chat or conversation.  Everyone
will hear your bid.  We will repeat your bid, lower your hand, and
place you back on mute.

To bid again, raise your hand, just as you did before, wait to be
called on, and state your bid.  We will again repeat your bid, lower
your hand, and place you on mute.

If you raise your hand and then decide not to bid, just say "pass"
when it is your turn to bid.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not, under any circumstances, mute and unmute
yourself.  This will interfere with other bidders and will make it
necessary for us to drop you from the call.

An item will be up for bid for three to five minutes.  We will
announce when an item is about to close.  All winners will be
announced on the air.

For complete auction rules, payment and shipping information and more,
visit and follow the Holiday Auction link.

Thanks for supporting the ACB Radio Holiday Auction.