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Ray Campbell

Sharing FYI, great to see that USA/Canada is at this point planning on going in-person.




Lion Ray Campbell, President, Glen Ellyn Lions Club and

Vice President, American Council of Blind Lions



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The latest news and information for the Des Moines 2021 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.




A Message from Our General Chair


I am excited to announce that the Executive Committee for the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum approved meeting IN PERSON in Des Moines this September!

As we pass the one-year mark of COVID-19, there is still some uncertainty, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 


The Iowa Events Center has been hosting events for several months and they have a busy upcoming schedule. They will be a terrific partner in sharing experiences to help us provide a meaningful and safe Forum.

The Forum will follow the public guidelines and requirements in place in September. These protocols are likely to change over the next several months, but short summaries of current information can be found here:

There are no current plans for the Forum to be virtual.  The Executive Committee discussed potential contingency plans due to the border restrictions for Canada and Multiple District 60. However, it was deemed too premature at this time and will be considered later in the Summer.


The Forum Planning Committee and the Iowa Lions are looking forward to hosting you in Des Moines for #LionsForum2021, so if you're ready to gather with amazing Lions again, reserve your spot now! 

Together in Service,

Wendy Cain



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