FW: [ACB-Conversation] DKM First-Timers Award

Ray Campbell

Hello Lions:


Forwarding this in case anyone’s interested in applying.  Note the DKM First Timers award is limited to those attending their first ACB Convention.




Lion Ray Campbell, Immediate Past President, Glen Ellyn Lions Club and

President, American Council of Blind Lions




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It is 2022, we the DKM Committee would like to invite you to join us at the ACB convention. I like you wandered what all the excitement was about. How would you like to be our guest to learn more about how ACB ticks. I bet you would love to learn how to become a bigger part of the action. Well you can. Just read the below message and apply to make your dream come true. Come celebrate us returning together after being apart so long.  


Prepare to experience an array of opportunities to learn and grow personally as you connect with other like-minded individuals. We’ll join together in Omaha, Neb. for the 61st annual ACB convention from July 1-8, 2022 and become better familiar with ACB’s wealth of inclusive convention activities. The Class of 2022 DKM First-Timers will be able to enjoy the privilege of connecting with the two previous classes of DKM First-Timers who were selected during virtual conventions.

If you are an ACB member who has never attended an in-person ACB conference and convention, and you meet the criteria below, we invite you to learn more about and participate in ACB’s primary leadership development program.

To be eligible for consideration, each applicant must be age 18 or older; blind or visually impaired; an ACB member in good standing (current on membership dues), and never have attended a previous in-person ACB national conference and convention. Two letters must be submitted for each applicant — a letter of application from the interested member and a letter of recommendation from a state or special-interest affiliate president. Please refrain from asking your chapter president to submit a letter of recommendation. Applicants are encouraged to be sure that they meet the award criteria before requesting that their state or special-interest affiliate president write and submit a letter of recommendation on their behalf. The letter of application should include your full name, physical address, email address containing your name, along with a home and cell number; then introduce yourself to the committee and include reasons for applying for the award, a brief summary of education and experience related to your community service, contributions to your respective affiliate and/or chapter, and the significance of the First-Timers award to your personal or career development. The letter of recommendation should include the applicant’s demonstrated leadership potential and contributions. In addition, applicants will be the expectation of undergoing an interview with a team of DKM committee members during mid-April.

The DKM program and ACB honors recipients by funding round-trip air travel and supporting transportation, hotel accommodations (double occupancy), per diem allowance for meals and incidentals, leadership institute, reception, banquet tickets, the general convention registration fee, and other activities determined by the committee and ACB Board of Directors. Optional tours and other fun activities are not covered by the program.

The responsibilities of each recipient include but are not limited to attending the full week of convention activities from Friday, July 1 through Friday, July 8; participating in daily general sessions and the Keys to the Convention seminar, along with special-interest and committee seminars, while interacting with ACB leaders and fellow members.

The application and supporting letter should be submitted separately (the applicant submits a letter of application and the affiliate president submits a letter of recommendation) to info@..., and must be received no later than April 5th. Please put DKM First Timer in the subject line of the email. The DKM Committee will select the 2022 First-Timers during the latter part of April. If you have questions, contact Kenneth Semien Sr., semien.k@..., or dial (409) 866-5838.

Donna Browning