Follow-up Information, ACB Lions Affiliate Voting


Fellow ACB Lions:


This will serve as a follow-up and reminder regarding the upcoming ACB elections. Based on an e-mail from Rick Morin, all virtual delegates and alternate delegates are to assemble via Zoom 15 minutes prior to all rollcall votes for elected Board and BOP positions. Therefore, my plan is to collect all ACBL member votes via e-mail: mitch.pomerantz@... or telephone: (626) 844-4388 until 6:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 7:45 AM Mountain, 8:45 AM Central, and 9:45 AM Eastern. Unfortunately for you Lions residing in Hawaii, that means 3:45 AM. Once that time has come and gone I will call Marsha Farrow, our delegate, who will be the one to actually cast the affiliate’s four votes. The above will apply Monday through Thursday. Once I have passed along our vote count to Marsha, I will then join the delegate and alternate “green room.” With luck, Marsha will be wide awake and I won’t need to cast our votes (smile and yawn).


For those of you with questionable memories like mine, it would probably be a good idea to keep this communication until the election process has concluded. If anyone has questions, please contact me at the above e-mail or phone.



Lion Mitch Pomerantz


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Subject: ACB Lions Affiliate Voting


ACB Lions Members:


As you may know, Marsha Farrow is serving as ACB Lions Delegate at the upcoming Conference and Convention and I, Mitch Pomerantz, will serve as Alternate Delegate. Marsha will be attending in-person while I will be participating virtually.


ACB Lions will have four votes this year and it is our practice to divide up those votes based on individual input from our members. As such, and as we did last year, if there is a contested election for either a Board of Directors’ or Board of Publications seat I will receive and count your voting preference and pass it along to our Delegate. Even if you are attending in-person, you should contact me with your vote rather than trying to find Marsha. I will accept votes up until the presiding officer calls for the affiliates to announce their votes. I will then contact Marsha via phone to let her know the totals for each candidate. This worked well last year since ACB Lions doesn’t get called upon for some time during the roll call.


My telephone and e-mail contact information is as follows:

(626) 844-4388



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Lion Mitch Pomerantz