I Need Your Input

Ray Campbell

Hello Lions:

I hope you're all having a great Sunday. I need your input on something.
The ACB Community Calls have a new rule, that every call has to be recorded
to the cloud, that the recording has to be retained for two weeks and a link
to the recording has to be sent to community@... within 24 hours of each
call. The ACB board approved this policy change at our meeting on October
9. Cindy Hollis indicated this is being done to protect participants on
calls and to investigate any complaints about a particular call where it's
believed that inappropriate things were said.

I need an answer by Wednesday to this question. Because of this change, do
we still want to keep the monthly "Come Roar with ACB Lions" conference call
on the ACB Community List? I can tell you that BITS has taken their BITS
chats off the community list because of this change. I've also talked with
someone on the ACB Women committee who has expressed some concerns about
this. During the board discussion, concerns were expressed about recording
certain types of calls where topics of a sensitive nature are discussed, but
the board approved the policy anyway.

I need to put our November 4 call in for the community list by this
Wednesday, so please let me know by then if you want to keep our calls on
the community list and I'll do what the majority of those responding want to
do. You can call or email me.

Thanks very much,

Lion Ray Campbell, Immediate Past President, Glen Ellyn Lions Club and
President, American Council of Blind Lions