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Fellow Lions:


Below you will find the Special Motion which has been presented to the membership regarding whether there will be the holding of a  meeting on August 14. Please e-mail: mitch.pomerantz@... or call: (626) 844-4388, to let me know whether you support or oppose this motion. I will forward the final tally to Carla in order to cast our affiliate vote. Since we do not yet know when the affiliates will cast their votes, I will take your yes/no vote until the first state affiliate, Alabama, is called. I will then let Carla know the vote count. Thanks.



Mitch Pomerantz


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Subject: Information on Special Motion to Allow Remote Voting at Future Conventions


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This motion will be discussed during general session on Friday 23, 2021:


I move that, upon the conclusion of regular convention business, this convention be adjourned until Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 8:00 PM EDT, for a special order of business for the consideration of such amendments to the ACB Constitution and Bylaws as may be necessary to align its meeting and voting practices with the provisions of District of Columbia “Nonprofit Corporation Act of 2010.”


This motion is required to allow hybrid meetings and voting at future conventions, both to comply with D.C. Code and to carry out the will of the ACB membership.


The motion will enable convening of Constitution and Bylaws Committee to consider amendments for this purpose. It is our hope that the committee can complete its work and distribute their proposed amendments by the first week of August, so we can hold community calls prior to the August 14 meeting to obtain feedback from members.


Below is a list of keys milestones and guidelines: 

·     Convene the meeting August 14, 2021, at 8:00 PM EDT.

·     Read the proposed amendments that will be presented by constitution and bylaw committee.

·     Reconvene August 15, 2021, at 4:00 PM EDT to debate and vote on amendments read on previous day.

·     Voting will be conducted in the same manner as used for candidate elections at this convention (Please save your voter ID code)

·     The Task Force agreed that any remote voting process must include to the greatest extent possible, security, ballot verification, and privacy. The recommended process must also provide electronic and phone access.


It is our recommendation that amendments to be considered at the August meeting only apply to remote voting for future elections and constitutional amendments.  



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