ACB Lions 50-year Anniversary Celebration

Carla Ruschival

ACB Lions Celebrates 50th Anniversary

ACB Lions is 50 years old. and you are invited to our celebration at
Milly's Place at 9:00 PM on Monday, July 19 on the Zoom platform.
Share memories of past ACB Lions events; meet new friends and discover
how ACBL members participate in their local clubs.

When you register for ACB Lions along with your convention
registration, you will receive a special 50-year ACB Lions
commemorative pin and be eligible to win door prizes. Visit to register, or call the ACB Minnesota office at

For more information about Milly's Place and ACB Lions, call Carla
Ruschival at (502)897-1472.

Carla Ruschival
Treasurer, Kentucky Council of the Blind
Phone: (502)895-4598