[ACB-Conversation] Tips and Suggestions for ACB Voting

Ray Campbell

Hi Jane:

I didn’t actually enter any digits before getting hung up on. I suspect that if you enter something, the system senses that you probably have a code and probably made a mistake, so it gives you another chance. Just a thought. All in all, this was quite a day, and I think the rehearsal was good and I think by the end of convention, we are going to be doing a great thing for ACB and it’s membership.

Ray Campbell

On Jul 9, 2021, at 5:48 PM, Jane Carona <jane.e.carona@...> wrote:

I voted on the phone, and had a somewhat different experience than Ray
indicated in his message below. While I was entering my 12-digit ID code,
another call came in and VoteNow didn't register one of my digits, so said
my ID was invalid. But I was given another chance to enter it, and
everything went extremely well. What a great day this has been! I am a
delegate, so I was kept hopping, recording input from my people. Looking
forward to the real elections!

Jane Carona

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Hi All:

I've just done both my individual and affiliate votes in ACB's Mock
Election. I found Vote Now to be extremely easy to work with; I voted
online using Chrome and JAWS. Here are a few tips and suggestions I'd like
to offer.

For those voting on-line, if you try to vote for more than one candidate,
Vote Now will give you an error message that you can only vote for one.
However, it will leave all the choices you've made checked. So, if you
accidentally vote for more than one, be sure to uncheck the box for the
candidate you didn't intend to vote for. Otherwise, when you go to review
your ballot, you'll get a Bad Ballot message. If this does happen, be sure
to press enter on the link to modify your ballot, do not press your
browser's back button.

For telephone voters, I experimented a bit with the system. I discovered
that Vote Now gives you only one chance to enter your voting code using the
automated system, and you need to be quick. If you're using a landline
phone, be sure to have the code handy and start entering it quickly.

The best way to get into the Vote Now system if you're choosing to vote by
phone is to create a contact with the Vote Now number and code in it. Here
are iPhone directions to do this. I assume Android is similar, and if you
can set this up in a speed dial or memory dial slot on your landline it will
be helpful.

On the iPhone:
1. Double tap the phone icon from your home screen.
2. Make sure the contacts tab is selected.
3. Double tap on "Add Contact."
4. IN the first name field, type "Vote."
5. IN the last name field, type "Now." Note, you can make the first and
last name fields whatever you want, these are just suggestions.
6. Double tap on "Add Phone."
7. The phone number field will be in focus for editing. It doesn't matter
what the phone field label is: work, home, ETC. The important thing is,
type in the phone number exactly as shown below:


Where "123456789012" is your voting code.
8. Double tap on the "done" button and your contact will be created. For
every election, all you'll need to do is either go into that contact and
double tap the phone number, or ask Siri to call the contact you've created.

Finally, if you have several affiliates you're giving voting preferences
too, and the delegate is taking them by email, I suggest putting all your
email addresses in a text file separated by ";" (semi-colon). Commas also
work. This would be written as follows:


Take all these addresses, open up a message, put your address in the "to:"
field, put the addresses for your delegates in the "bcc" field, give the
message a subject that lets them know it's your affiliate vote, put your
vote preference in the message body and send it off.

If you have delegates taking votes by text, I know you can create text
groups on iOS, but don't remember how to do it. However, if you have them
all in your phone, then text them as a group, you'l have that string of text
messages created for use in every election.

Thanks, I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Ray Campbell