Carla Ruschival

ACB will be electing 5 officers, 5 directors, and 3 members of the
Board of Publications during its national convention coming up in just
over a week. This is the first time that every member has a chance to
vote, and we hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to
shape our great organization.

So that we can learn how to use the voting system, ACB is holding a
mock election tomorrow, Friday, July 9, to give all members a chance
to practice using the Vote Now system. Individuals are asked to vote
for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck at any time between 10 AM and 5 PM
Eastern Time tomorrow. See your ACB ballot email, which you should
have received on Tuesday, or check your braille or large print voting
instructions that were mailed to you in June if you did not have a
valid email, for your voter code and instructions on how to cast your
vote. If you did not receive your ACB Ballot email or your braille or
large print instructions if you didn't have a valid email, call the
Minnesota office at 612-332-3242 to obtain your voter information.

ACB is also having a practice affiliate roll call at 5:00 PM Eastern
(2:00 PM Pacific) tomorrow. As the delegate for ACB Lions, I will be
casting our votes, and I need your help. Please call or text me at
502-303-7042 by 4 PM Eastern Time (1 PM Pacific) tomorrow, July 9,
with your choice of Mickey or Donald so that I can cast our vote
correctly. ACB Lions has 4 affiliate votes, and I will divide them
based on the preferences of the members who contact me.

Thank you for participating in this mock election and helping us
prepare for the ACB Conference and Convention.

Lion Carla Ruschival, President
American Council of Blind Lions