ACB Lions Nominating committee

Carla Ruschival


The American Council of Blind Lions last held an election in 2019 at
the Rochester ACB Convention. Due to Covid and our unfamiliarity with
many aspects of virtual meetings, we were unable to hold an election
last year.

ACBL will hold its annual business meeting and election via Zoom on
Tuesday, July 13. Exact meeting details will be forthcoming.

At this time, we are sharing with you information related to the
election of members of the Board for the 2021-2022 year, as follows:

The Nominating Committee consists of PDG. J. C. Coefield of Georgia,
Lion Sally Benjamin of Florida, and Lion Margaret Johnson of Arkansas.
The committee will be putting together a slate of candidates for
officers, directors, and a lion tamer and tail twister. Here is a
list of the current members of the Board, along with information as to
their eligibility to seek re-election to their positions:

President: Carla Ruschival, KY; completing second term; ineligible to
seek another term

Vice President: Ray Campbell, IL; completing second term; ineligible
to seek another term

Secretary: Betsy Grenevitch, GA

Treasurer: Adam Ruschival, KY


Mandi Holley, SC; completing second term; ineligible to seek another term

Jack Lenk, MO; completing first full term

Larry Skwarok, ND; completing first term

Dolly Sowder, IN; completing first term

Tail Twister, Donna Pomerantz, CA; completing first term

Lion Tamer: Grady Ebert, LA; completing first term

To be eligible to serve on the ACBL Board, an individual must be a
member in good standing of the American Council of Blind Lions. That
means that the person must either be a life member or a 2021 member of
ACBL. Also keep in mind that ACBL meets the first Thursday of each
month via Zoom conference call.

Those interested in seeking election to a Board position should
contact Lion J. C. Coefield, Nominating Committee Chair, by phone at
478-922-9023 or by email at coefield@....

Thanks so much for being part of ACB Lions.

Lion Carla Ruschival, President

Carla Ruschival
Treasurer, Kentucky Council of the Blind
Phone: (502)895-4598