Kentucky Lightning Bolt Auction

Carla Ruschival

Kentucky Lightning Bolt Auction - Time to Register and Bid!

The sky's the limit at the Lightning Bolt Auction, happening this
coming Friday evening, Nov. 6, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern at the
Kentucky Council of the Blind Virtual Conference and Convention.

If you love auctions, this one's for you. Listen on ACB Radio Live
Event; bid on Zoom from your phone or computer. Read on for featured
items up for bid and for details on how to listen and register to bid.
Watch for a complete numbered list of all auction items, coming soon.


Maker's Mark bourbon balls, a Kentucky Derby PieĀ®, mouth-watering
Amish Whoopie Pies, home-baked Thanksgiving and Christmas decorated
shortbread cookies in traditional holiday shapes, a basket from
world-famous Moonlite Barbeque in Owensboro, Kentucky, a batch of
fresh-baked oatmeal scotchies that's perfect for your next snack
attack, and a large container of that incredible Almond Roca
Buttercrunch candy;

An Echo Studio and two Echo Dots (third generation), a one-year
subscription to Microsoft 365, and an APH EZ Test battery tester
(audio feedback edition);

A Coach purse and a Coach messenger bag, a big backpack from
Back-T-Pack, and a very roomy jeans tote handcrafted by Keri Bishop;

A Tupperware Stack Cooker that lets you prepare an entire meal all at
once in your microwave;

3 packages from Scentsy with Nini, two of which are perfect for the
dog lovers among us;

A butterfly copper necklace that says "hope" in braille from Elegant
Insights Braille Creations;

A necklace and earring set of green and white polished beads,
handcrafted by talented Kentucky artist Cherie Columbia;

A Gustav Wolff porcelain doll named Brittany that comes in her own
wood and glass case with a certificate of authenticity;

A numbered Christopher B. Walden print entitled "The Gift of Nature",
depicting a snowy Belgian farm scene with a farmhouse, deer and two
beautiful horses;

Collectible Tweety Bird houseshoes from Warner Bros. (new and unopened
in original box);

A genuine Swiss music box and an Avon Christmas Santa and tree; and

A Northern Kentucky fun getaway including 2 tickets for a B&B
Riverboat sight-seeing cruise and a tour of the Newport Aquarium with
its white alligators, smiling stingrays and many other exotic marine


If you have already registered for the Kentucky convention, you are
automatically registered for the Lightning Bolt auction.

If you have not registered for the convention, a free auction-only
registration is available. Call (502) 895-4598 and give us your name,
phone number, and email address. You must register before you can
bid, so don't wait until the last minute to sign up.

Everyone who registers for the convention and for the auction will
receive a special Zoom link and dial-in information which can only be
used for the auction. You are welcome to call in to Zoom and stay on
the line so you are ready to bid when items you want are up for

To listen on ACB Radio, ask Alexa to open ACB Radio Live; find Live
Event on your Victor Reader Stream; listen through the ACB Link
smartphone app; call ACB Radio from any telephone at 518-906-1820; or
go to on your computer.

Happy bidding, and thanks for supporting the Lightning Bolt Auction.
Carla Ruschival
Treasurer, Kentucky Council of the Blind
Phone: (502)895-4598