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Carla Ruschival

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Date: March 10, 2020 at 6:09:38 AM EDT
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Subject: do it all with one call

Become a member now of ACB Lions, ACB Families, and/or the Library
Users of America; you can do it all with just one call.

ACB Lions holds a conference call on the first Thursday of each month,
and it is an opportunity to share ways we can be involved in our local
Lions Clubs.  ACB Lions helps sponsor travel for ACB scholarship
winners, and we hold a lunch and a mixer at each ACB national
Conference and Convention.  Dues are $15 a year or $150 for a life

ACB Families holds a support call on the first Sunday of each month
and a business meeting on the third Sunday of the month.  Our support
calls feature interesting discussions, sometimes a speaker.  Families
will hold three activities at this year's ACB convention - a campfire
sing, a Bingo, and a breakfast and program.  Dues are just $8.00 a

The Library Users of America sponsors "Library without Walls", a
bimonthly conference call that gives us a chance to share book
recommendations on a specific topic.  "The LUA Ledger" is published
two or three times a year, and LUA presents quality programming at the
ACB national convention.  Dues are $12.00 a year or $150 for a life
membership.  LUA also has three chapters - California, Kentucky and

For more information or to pay dues for ACB Lions, ACB Families, and
Library Users of America, call 502-897-1472.  You will be glad you
became a part of these growing and active ACB special-interest

Carla Ruschival
President, ACB Lions
President, ACB Families
Board Member, Library Users of American