It's Holiday Auction Time!

Carla Ruschival

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Subject: It's Holiday Auction Time!

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It's time to bid!  It's time to buy!  It's time for the 2019 ACB Radio
Holiday Auction, coming to you today, Sunday, December 8 on from 6:00
PM to midnight Eastern Time (3:00 to 9:00 PM Pacific), or until all
items are sold.

This year's auction is filled with fantastic items.  There's
technology, jewelry, home-baked treats, music boxes, crafts and
collectibles.  Find photos and descriptions of the items, shown in the
order they will come up for bid, on our preview page; visit and follow the Holiday Auction link.

Read on for complete instructions on how to listen, register, and bid
on auction items.  We've also included information on bidding
courtesy, payment and shipping.


Originating from the RadioStorm studios in Louisville, Kentucky, the
auction will be broadcast on ACB Radio Mainstream and on ACB Radio
Interactive.  You can also listen to the entire auction on Zoom.  Here
are ways to listen:

*  Use the Zoom line to listen and bid on your computer, mobile
device, or landline phone (see below for more details).

*  Listen on the ACB Link app  - only available on Android phones at this time.

*  Listen on your computer by visiting      and following
the ACB Radio link.

*  Listen on any Amazon Alexa device. The first time just say "Alexa,
enable ACB Radio Mainstream." The next time just say "Alexa, play ACB
Radio Mainstream."  Or say "Alexa, listen to ACB Radio Interactive."

*  Listen on your telephone; call 605-475-8130 and select 1 from the
menu for ACB Radio Mainstream or 4 for ACB Radio Interactive.


you must register for the auction before you can place a bid. Do not
wait until the item you want comes up for bid to try to register; this
will cause you to miss out on your item.
The registration line will open at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (1:00 PM
Pacific) on Sunday, December 8 - two hours before the auction begins.
Call (877) 630-7190 and leave your first and last name, telephone
number, email address, and city and state where you live.


Use your landline, computer, or mobile device to join the Zoom Line,
listen to the auction and bid when you want.  From any telephone
(including landlines), dial (646) 558-8656, enter code 678150637, and
press the pound key twice; you will be in the call and part of the

If you prefer to connect to our bidder line through the Zoom app with
your computer or mobile device, download and install the app ahead of
time.  Make sure it is running properly on your device, and that you
know how to access its raise hand button.  Use this link to join
through the app:


When you join the call, you will be muted.  PLEASE DO NOT UNMUTE YOURSELF.

When you wish to bid, raise your hand by pressing the star key and
then the 9 on your phone keypad, or use the raise hand button if
connecting through the Zoom app on your computer or smartphone.  We
will unmute you and ask for your bid when it is your turn.

Quickly state your bid, without any chat or conversation.  Everyone
will hear your bid.  We will repeat your bid, lower your hand, and
place you back on mute.

To bid again, raise your hand, just as you did before, wait to be
called on, and state your bid.  We will again repeat your bid, lower
your hand, and place you on mute.

If you raise your hand and then decide not to bid, just say "pass"
when it is your turn to bid.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not, under any circumstances, mute and unmute
yourself.  This will interfere with other bidders and will make it
necessary for us to drop you from the call.

Bids will only be accepted on items when they are on air; please DO
NOT call in advance to ask when an item will air.  An item will be up
for bid for three to five minutes.  We will announce when an item is
about to close.  All winners will be announced on the air.


Because this is a live broadcast, there are some rules that must be
followed in order for the evening to be pleasant for everyone.  Anyone
not following these rules will be dropped from the bidding line and
could be blocked from re-entering the call and participating in the
auction the rest of the evening.

1.  Do not mute and unmute yourself.  Doing so will interfere with
others on the call.

2.  Foul language, broadcast of inappropriate video etc. will not be
tolerated.  Any individual engaging in such behaviors will be
immediately blocked from the auction.

3.  Raise your hand only when you wish to bid.  Wait for your turn to
bid; we will call on you in the order hands are raised.  Do not raise
your hand just to ask a question.

4.  While your hand is raised and you are waiting to bid, make sure
your surroundings are quiet.  Turn down the radio; ask others in the
room to stop talking; do not rattle paper or snack bags, wash dishes,
set the microwave etc.  Remember that background noise is amplified
when you are on the air, and it is irritating to others.


Bidding in the auction is fun, but placing a bid is serious business.
Your bid is your commitment to pay for that item, should you be the
winner.  All items are sold as is, and all sales are final.  Payment
is due following the auction (see below), and must be made by credit
card using VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express; no checks

On Monday, Dec. 9, the ACB Minneapolis office will begin contacting
winners to obtain credit card information; this process may take
several days.  If a winner defaults on a bid, the runner-up will be
contacted concerning the item.


Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer, and will be
added to the final sale price.  If you purchase multiple items,
shipping will be combined whenever possible.  Sorry, but we cannot
offer international shipping.


The Holiday Auction Committee, The ACB Radio Steering Committee,, and the ACB Minneapolis Office thank you in advance
for supporting ACB Radio and the Holiday Auction.