It's not begging

John Ross

I don't see anything wrong with the Candy Day project.
Our club, twice a year has White Cane Day projects during which we (with approval from store management) stand near the entrance of a grocery store while holding jars with the lions logo and the words "white can day - help lions help the blind". We ask people if they would like to support Lions Clubs and when they ask what we do, we give them brochures and other items, and explain what Lions is.

I know some of on here may not like this approach, but it helps our club raise funds, all of which go toward sight conservation projects.

We pass out literature to people and have even recruited some members.

Some of our members joke amongst ourselves that it's "panhandling for a good cause".

But honestly, this approach works well and it's a great way to meet people and share what we as Lions do.
Lion John

Lions Clubs International - "WE SERVE" since 1917. Lions are Knights of the Blind.

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